Route 66 update #10

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Hey there everyone,

You may have realised that the Route 66 updates have slowed up a bit….due to some changes with work and some other exciting things coming up, the trip probably won’t be happening as planned for July, but if not this year, it will definitely be happening next year.

Having said that , I will definitely be in the US this year, but for how long I’m not sure at this point.

I have until the end of May to have everything booked but the planning is still happening…….and so this post is aimed at me trying to decide on some new gear that I was planning on getting for the trip and also for riding here…..

New Jacket….

I’m a big fan of two manufacturers from the US who make (in my option) awesome gear. They are Roland Sands Design, and Icon. One is a custom bike builder, parts supplier and now manufacturer of apparel, while the other is an Apparel supplier, that also builds custom bikes for use in their marketing and advertising campaigns. Both are American companies that make American-styled apparel.

So firstly I’ll start with Icon…..they have recently released (as part of their Icon 1000 range) the Oildale jacket. It comes in brown (which I like) and black. And what makes it different from other jackets is the material that it is constructed from. As per the Icon 1000 website, it is constructed from a “Waxed Heritage™ coated canvas” which is designed to “evolve” over time.

And so it looks like this….


The reason I love it is that it’s different. I’m not the typical Harley rider who wears only Harley branded gear. And I’ve done the “Johnny Cash man in black” thing and decided that brown was a classy option. I have brown boots, so thought a brown jacket would be cool too. It comes with a full D3O® impact protector package and the Oildale retails for $250 USD.

It is available from a number of major online retailers from the US, as well as on eBay, so getting one here won’t be difficult….the only downside is the ridiculous shipping charges that start at around $59.

And so next up is the Roland Sands Design “Ronin”. Again I’m looking at this in brown (actually the colour is Tobacco) and it is one sexy and stylish looking piece of gear. Like all of Roland’s products, they are designed to look good both on and off the bike.

The Ronin not only looks good on the outside, but the level of detail and style continues with the awesome satin lining inside. And so it looks like this….


The Ronin retails for $620 USD, and is thankfully available here in Australia from Motorcycle Accessories Supermarket for $679.95.

Armour is extra for the RSD products, but is available.

Despite that, at this stage I’m leaning more towards the Ronin, not because it costs more, but because I love the style and the cut and I’m a massive fan of everything Roland does and makes…. So to wear one of his jackets would be awesome.

So there you go…..and what would be better than touring the mother road wearing a stylish piece of American gear….

Until next time, have an awesome week, ride safe and have fun!

Anthony :>

How will you Gopro????

•December 1, 2013 • 2 Comments

Those of you who are Gopro users probably know about the How Will You Gopro competition that’s been running the last two months and finishes this week. For those that don’t know, the major prize is up to $30,000 USD to make your ultimate Gopro adventure a reality, additionally you get a Gopro film crew to come along and film your adventure, plus $15,000 USD spending money and the collection of Everything Gopro makes!!

For my entry I have created a motorcycle trip that will take me from Denmark into Norway, crossing the Arctic circle, seeing the midnight sun, experiencing the majesty and wonder of this land, and the highlight, riding the famous Trollstigen curves!!

So if you want to checkout my entry, go to

Even if I don’t win, this ride will be going on the list to be ridden sometime after I do Route 66.

Have a great week everyone,



New helmet!!

•November 9, 2013 • 2 Comments

Hi everyone,

As you may know I have been wearing an open faced helmet ever since I got my Harley last year. You may also know that I work with kids, and the youngest one (Tyler) likes motorbikes, particularly mine …..(which used to be known as Anthony’s Bike, but is now known as Tyler’s Bike). He is also a fan of my helmets, and likes to wear them whenever he gets a chance. 99.9% of the time the wearing of them is done under eyes-like-an-eagle supervision, but one day that wasn’t the case…….and when I heard “that sound” I cringed. I called out from the bathroom….”did Tyler just drop my helmet?” “….no!” was the reply, followed by a long pause followed by “….. he threw it across the room!!”

And so that was the last day that I wore my Matt Black open face helmet, and went back to my full face Shoei XR-1000

Around the time of my birthday I was looking at getting a new helmet and was checking out the new range of Bell Custom 500 helmets, and as the Bell company says, they are original, not retro, and look just like they did in 1954.

And so when I received my belated birthday present which is a custom painted helmet I was super excited to see its a brand new Bell, and here it is….. Custom painted by Anthony from Antman Helmet Designs.




I wore it out for the first ride a couple of days ago, and it looks and fees awesome, I couldn’t be happier,

So that’s it for today, have a good one, stay safe and keep the black things pointing at the road!!



Route 66 update #9

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Hi everyone,

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last update but here we go with the first daily breakdown of the 15 day Route 66 trip.

Chicago to Springfield – 324km

After collecting my Street Glide its time to head parallel to I-55, as Route 66 begans, heading south, pass the old town of McLean, and roar through the coal-mining area of Illinois – along the Pontiac Trail, toward Springfield, the Illinois state capital.

The route looks like this…..


And here is where the Mother Road begins…..


So there is a brief outline of day 1…..stay tuned for more,



Route 66 update #8

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Hi everyone,

I’ve been a bit slack the last couple of weeks and haven’t got my updates up regularly, but fear not, I’m back and here we go…..,

Because I’m documenting the trip via video and photos, I’m already preparing the lists of things I want to do along the way…..and one thing on the list is getting photos at the locations where the Route 66 logo is painted on the road, such as this one.

Goffs road - route 66

Another is recreating some cool photos that I’ve discovered around the internet, particularly ones with Street Glides in them, such as this…..


I had no idea where that abandoned cafe was, until I found a Route 66 website with pictures of the painted road sign above…..that particular location is on Goffs Road in the Mojave Desert region of California. After scrolling down the page checking out some other photos I came across this…..


This is the cafe from the Street Glide photo, and it is down the road from the painted road sign location!! Perfect!!

Have an awesome weekend,

Cheers, Anthony

Route 66 Update #7

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Hi Everyone,

Here I am with week 7′s update for the trip…..

I plan on updating my riding gear prior to my trip, and today I’d like to show off my new boots that I got this week.

With all gear purchases, I generally do lots of research and choose a few different options, and then choose the winner. And up until last week, that winner was a pair of Italian made Stylmartin Legend R’s in brown that I was able to get off eBay from England for a tad under $400. And the I found The Western Boot Barn, and australian retailer that had a wide range of awesome looking boots, and I chose the Sendra Engineer boots, in brown, and they look like this….


And here is how they look on.


Although I love the Stylmartins, I really love these ones, and at only $229 with free shipping, the price was right too. The quality of the boots, as well as the look of them is excellent. The are made in Spain, and at this stage I haven’t ridden with them on, so a I’ll have an update on how they perform soon.

Other gear purchases will include a new jacket and another pair of riding pants, most likely leather jean-style ones.

So that’s it for today, just a quick update and I’ll have much more next week,



Route 66 update #6

•September 12, 2013 • 1 Comment

Hi everyone,

I’m pretty impressed that I’ve now reached six weeks of regular blog updates, with plenty more to come.

So the big thing this week is that I’m ready to make my booking with Eagle Rider….I just need to lock in a date and then go for it!


I have a Gasoline Alley H.O.G chapter friend who is a travel agent, and so she is going to help out with booking everything for me.

And so who is Eagle Rider?

…….they are the largest international powersport rental and tour company with more than 70 locations across the United States and worldwide.

and because i’m doing a solo ride with one rider, one bike, one room, the cost is $5202, and so what do you get for your money???

All accommodations
Late model Motorcycles
Unlimited mileage
Co-pilot book
Transportation between hotel and EagleRider.
Detailed day by day or hour by hour itinerary
Routing with scenic drive specific for motorbikes
Hotel Information
Tips for local areas
Sales tax
Environmental surcharge
VIP check-in at location

And the 15 day itinerary includes stops at -

Chicago, Springfield (as a Simpsons fan that one is a must!!), Rolla, Tulsa, Clinton, Amarillo, Santa Fe, Gallup, Flagstaff, Williams, Laughlin, Victorville, Los Angeles.

I keep thinking that its a pretty impressive trip I’m doing……first overseas trip ever, 15 days solo riding a Harley across 2/3rds of the United States…..and I’m as excited as a 5 yr old at Christmas!!

The whole experience is something I’m looking forward too….part of the documentary that I’m going to produce will include video footage of the preparation for the trip, and in the months leading up to the departure, I’ll be doing some video updates as well.

So that’s it from me today, get out there and enjoy the road,




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