Won’t do that again…..

Hi Everyone,

Today I discovered a feature of the V-Strom that I hadn’t read about before (either on the net or in the user manual)  The bike has a “Parking Position” switch on the ignition.  This is located just past the Steering Lock point as you can see from the photo.  (It’s a bit hard to see but its a capital “P” with lines coming off it.)

And so what does this switch do??……it locks the steering, but also turns the tail light on – and as the manual says, its for times when you may need to leave the bike on the street or side of the road and want it to be seen.

So there I was read to go home at lunch time, got suited up, climbed on, turned the key to On, pressed the starter…..and it wouldn’t go.  Battery Was Dead!!!   The distance from steering lock to the parking position lock is so close, and it was obviously easy to get it wrong, and I hadn’t realised that I had turned the key too far.

Thankfully Vicki wasn’t too far away and she took me home to get the charger so I could come back to get the beast going again…..

So I got back to the office, hooked up the charger, and it wouldn’t work…….mmmmm seems to be a theme happening this week. 

First it was WiFi dying on my iPhone, then its the bike battery, then the charger……well they say these things happen in three’s, so I’ve reached my quota for the week and don’t wish to have any other electrical failures thanks very much!!!

So I made a quick call to my father-in-law and he brought his charger with him, (and took mine to see what’s wrong with it) and soon “Operation: Get The V-Stom Running” began.

So now all is well with the bike, just as it should be.

Yesterday there was a blackout at the office (and throughout most of the Clarence Valley) so I got to leave work early and took the scenic route home from Maclean, via Townsend….it was the first time I’d taken the V-Strom out on that road and loved it!  It was a pleasant change from the normal wednesday afternoon trip along River Street to Yamba Road….

Have a great weekend everyone,




~ by anthony on June 18, 2010.

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