Ride To Work Day – 21st June 2010

Its been operating for 17 years in the USA and once again today is International Ride To Work Day

So who rode their motorcycle or scooter to work today? 

I did, and once again it  was a great ride on the Suzuki. 

Today I decided to forget the highway and headed to Maclean, then over the river to Lawrence (via the Bluff Point Ferry) then off to Grafton via the back road…..and loved every minute of it.  Bypassing the highway was great and it was an awesome way to celebrate Ride To Work Day.

Here’s the view from the Ferry at Lawrence….

Yes, there was a bit of fog this morning….. I would have loved to stop along the way and take more photos, but had to get to work!  Once I got out of the fog the ride was great…..such a great morning for a motorcycle ride in the country.

And speaking of photos…..don’t forget to head over to Vicki’s website and checkout her awesome work. 

Yesterday afternoon I headed out for a ride with no particular destination in mind, and ended up heading out of town, over the Harwood Bridge and out to the village of Ashby, and found a road that runs along the river and gave me a view of Maclean from the other side of the river.

Here are some shots of the view…..

There isn’t much along that road, a couple of large houses, grass, and cows…..but the view is pretty cool.

The route to get there is found here..

To finish off today, I thought I’d include a couple of photos from the Isle of Man TT – these guys are fearless!!

Firstly here’s one from 2009……(that’s one way to get over a crest in the road and go around a corner – at 130mph)

And here’s Australia’s Cameron Donald….making sure he keeps the maximum amount of rubber on his tyres…

So enjoy the day and enjoy the road….and have a great week,




~ by anthony on June 21, 2010.

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