More rain…..

Hi everyone,

We’ve had some less than perfect weather this week, and it was the first rides in the wet with the new bike.  Thankfully it wasn’t torrential downpour stuff, just some wet roads and light rain, but the bike performed great, and despite not having the full wet weather gear on, I remained mostly dry which is a bonus.    Sadly today the rain has continued and looks set in here at Maclean….looks like I’ll be putting on the wets for the trip home.

We headed home early yesterday due to some technical faults at work, and because it wasn’t dark I headed home via Lawrence and the Ferry, just as we did on the way to work monday.  It was once again a change from the highway ride and a good way to end a very unproductive day at the office.

Cool music on the iPod during the daily commute this week has come from a variety of sources….firstly there was Lesley Roy – an Irish singer/songwriter who I came across in Dan Murphy’s on Monday – (no I didn’t meet an Irish pop singer in the bottle shop…..) I heard her song playing on their audio system and wondered who it was.  So I grabbed my iPhone from my pocket, fired up Shazam and tagged a section of the song and then iTunes told me who/what it was.   Other cool stuff comes from “Story of The Year” from Missouri, and a track by “The Wreckers” – another cool find using Shazam while at the supermarket!!

This week’s cool bike discovery is a custom cafe racer, with a Kawasaki  z1000 engine, Georges Martin Frame, the front end, wheels and swingarm from a 2007 GSX-R, and a seat by Benelli…. The bike was built by Santiago Chopper in Tampa, Florida and it looks amazing…..

Before I finish up today, here’s supermodel (and Harley rider) Marisa Miller during her recent Harley Davidson photoshoot….yes, that’s actually her smoking the tyre on her bike….. for more photos and video of the shoot, checkout this post from the Topspeed blog….




~ by anthony on June 23, 2010.

4 Responses to “More rain…..”

  1. Hi Anthony,

    Meant to mention last time what a wonderful route you have to work, you lucky person! Thank you for lifting my spirits with the photo of Marisa Miller and also the fabulous cafe racer. It’s reminiscent of the UK Harris specials of the 80’s and 90’s. would love to have one in the shed!

  2. Hi Geoff, yes the roads and the different routes I can take make the trip to the office more fun. Glad you enjoyed today’s pics, I love the fact that not only does Marisa Miller look good sitting on the bike, she can ride it too, and she comes from a family of bike riders/Harley owners.

  3. Love reading your RRs Anthony. At least one of us is getting to ride at this time of the year. It has just become too cold and dangerous down here at the moment.

  4. Thanks Tubsta, I’m glad that it doesn’t get too cold up here to ride….I think my “cold” morning trips are probably getting down to about 9-10 degrees. Today it was warmer – we reached a max of 17, and are heading for a min of 16 tonight!

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