Cold but Fun friday ride

Hi everyone,

Today I had an extra trip to Grafton…..and even though I left 30 minutes later than I usually do, the fog was a lot thicker once I reached Shark Creek, and then it continued through Tyndale and almost to Ulmarra, then just when I thought it was over, it came back between Ulmarra and Grafton….so it was a chilly (and wet) ride, but still a good one.

After spending some time there working I then headed back to the Tiny Office By The Water at Yamba.  So because it was such I nice day I decided to go the back road to Lawrence once more.  And the V-Strom didn’t disappoint in providing me with a fun ride….

Here are some photos that I took along the way….

Arriving at the Ferry….

And the view from the Ferry was much clearer than it was on Tuesday.

And soon I was back at home to grab some lunch, then back to the office.  The time out on the bike was great today.

One style of bike that I admire is the Café Racer- motorcycles that have their roots in 1960’s Britain, primarily amongst the Rockers.   And as an experiment a few days ago I Googled “V Strom Cafe Racer” just to see if there was anyone out there who had perhaps created a ‘Strom in this particular style, or had photos of such a creation…..and funnily enough there was one…..It looks more like a Suzuki GS500 now, and I’m really not sure why you would want to take a dual purpose bike like the V Strom and do this….but anyway here it is.

And speaking of custom bikes, I’ve always admired the creations made by the guys at Icon Motorsports in the US.  They have one that was used in their 2009 Spring Catalogue photo shoot.  It’s called the Death or Glory…2100cc’s of v-twin, and described by its creators as a bike that is “within the easy grasp of any blue blooded tax payer.  All you need is a fully equipped machine shop, ten grand worth of welding equipment, an Ebay account, and a complete lack of common sense. All traits that the Icon garage team has in spades

Behold….Death or Glory

So that’s it from me, I hope you all have a great weekend out on the road. Ride safe, and enjoy the road.




~ by anthony on June 25, 2010.

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