I Love corners….

One of the best things about riding a motorcycle is going around corners.  And the more I ride the V-Strom the more I love getting out on twisty sections of road.  The straight bits of the road are simply a means of joining the corners together…..

When I first discovered counter steering (which was actually during the road ride component of one of my licence tests a few years ago) I was hooked on it, and any chance to push the bars into a corner brings a smile to my face.

So because of this love of going left and right, here are some of the roads that I love to ride on…..

First up is one of the roads that I sometimes ride home on from Maclean.  The corners are great and the view is cool too.

There are often large groups of Kangaroos grazing under the trees or hopping through the paddocks.

These next three bends are at Palmers Island.  Head off Yamba road, down Middle road and then follow the lefts and rights back along North Bank Road…..and then its always fun to turn around and go back the other way!!

This one is out at Ashby, coming out of the 50km zone.  It would be fun to hit this one at a higher speed, drop a knee and blast up the hill……but I don’t have the bike (or the ability) to get a knee down….so I can only imagine what it would be like.  But anyway, this bend is still great fun.

This is another one out near Ashby somewhere…..This road had some great corners.

And this one is on the Burringbar Range, south of Murwillumbah in Northern NSW.   I have driven on it many times over the years, but only had the chance to ride a bike on it once….so it would be great to have another ride over it. (Thanks to Iron Chef for this one…)

And so after showing you some of the ones I’ve been on and regularly ride….here are some that I’d love to ride on one day.

Here is the legendary Stelvio Pass in Italy – Built between 1820 and 1825 by the Austrian Empire.  It was awarded the title of “Greatest Driving Road in the World” by Top Gear…..

And who could forget, the famous “Tail Of The Dragon!” at Deals Gap on US Route 129 in North Carolina – 318 Turns in 11 miles…..America’s greatest Motorcycling and Sportscar road.

For more info on great Biking roads, checkout the photos from The Dragon by Killboy, the user-created routes from Motowhere, and Best Biking Roads,

…..and one of my favourite blogs featuring a variety of amazing rides, awesome roads and great ride stories from Motorcycle Paradise.

Get out there and have fun!




~ by anthony on June 29, 2010.

4 Responses to “I Love corners….”

  1. Hahahaha – you really have got the “bug”, haven’t you Anthony? Way to go! Your VStrom is no slouch on corners. I ride with the DL1000 version and he can really boogie. The limiting factor is his stand grinding away!

    Nice photos as always.

  2. Thanks Geoff, I’m becoming more comfortable with the ‘Strom each time I ride it. The scooter was only 139kg+ and had 14 & 13 inch wheels. Now with 19 & 17 inch wheels and 220kg+ its a different animal…but I’m loving it.

    Glad you like the photos too!

  3. Three amazing roads to ride from Grafton. Ebor via Nymboida range, the Waterfall way down to the coast or West up the Gibraltar range. I’d be out on those all the time if I was closer 🙂

  4. Thanks for the ideas IC, will have to get out on those roads and have a go!

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