Who’s going where…The MotoGP Circus rolls on….

The weather was cold again today. Thankfully I didn’t have to take the trip to Grafton – it would have been about 2 degrees when I would have left, and still only about 5 degrees by 9:00am.   I had a shorter trip to Maclean, but it was still cold and thankfully I had on enough layers on to keep warm.

So what’s happening in the motorcycle racing world???

The silly season in MotoGP is heating up once more with rumours flying around regarding the major players.  Is Stoner going back to Honda?  Will Rossi move to Ducati?  Who knows…..well somebody does, and hopefully they will tell us all soon!

The Stoner/Honda deal seems to be sewn up already, but there has been no official announcement.  Ever since Lupio Suppo left Ducati for the Japanese team, they have apparently plotting to get the Australian to return.

The new Rossi/Ducati rumour from last friday states that Ducati would be willing to end their factory World Superbike campaign, just to have enough cash to get Rossi.   He was apparently willing to take a paycut to stay at Yamaha, until it was revealed that the share he was giving up, would be going to Lorenzo!

Soon all will be revealed, and the movements of the teams are all part of the two-wheeled circus that we know and love….unless you are Wayne Gardner – Wayne isn’t loving MotoGP at the moment at all.

His comments regarding the fact that only 15 bikes were on track for the last race highlights the fact that MotoGP needs something to raise its popularity once more….and as Wayne says…”Short term, I think the only thing that can save MotoGP is if Rossi comes back and rides for Ducati”

………And I think I’d have to agree with that!

UPDATE: I just saw this article regarding the Rossi/Ducati deal….Hell For Leather Magazine have picked up on an MCN cover story all about it…

And in World Superbike……my new hero The Roman Emperor on-board his Aprilia RSV4 Factory came out and won both races again last weekend.  And it was an awesome effort by Australia’s Troy Corser to put his BMW S1000RR on pole and then finish 3rd in race 1.  In Race 2, Max was once again in unbeatable form and won by 4.095 seconds ahead of former championship leader Leon Haslam.

So for Max that’s now 8 wins and he has my vote to win the championship.  He’s not doing it easily, but he is getting out there and pushing his bike and himself to the limit.  And he’s also showing that he is part of a successful team that is working towards a common goal.

And one of the things so exciting about Motorcycle racing is the SPEED!!!!!

Lightning McQueen said in 2006…”Speed, I Am Speed!” and today I present to you Leslie Porterfield – and She Am Speed Too!  Lots and lots of it!!

She’s got so much speed that she holds the record for the fastest speed on a conventional motorcycle by a female, and on the 5th of September 2008, she reached a speed of 374.208km/h (232.522 mph) on her modified Hayabusa at Bonneville.

In 2009 she returned to the salt flats and recorded a speed of 234 mph, and had a first run with an average through the mile of 240 mph…..thats seriously fast.  She also recorded the “Top Speed of the Meet on a Motorcycle” award…beating all the guys too.

Here she is in action….

and also at a BMW photo shoot with Markus Hoffman.

So that’s it for today…..

Have a good one, and I’ll see you out there.




~ by anthony on June 30, 2010.

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