Simple things….

Hi Everyone,

Today’s ride to the office wasn’t a long one (….only 15.7km)  but it was fun! 

And I’m not sure exactly why I enjoyed it so much.  After a 7:30am sleep-in I didn’t want to get up and go anywhere at all…..but perhaps it was the cool and sunny weather…..or the great selection of  iPod tracks that played while I rode……

Whatever it was, I arrived at work with a smile and felt good about starting the work day!    

But the thing I loved the most about the ride was the way the bike flowed through the corners effortlessly, and despite the music in my headphones, I heard every thump of the V-twin beneath me.  The sound of the engine as I accelerated out of corners made me smile each time!   Today was definitely one of those days that makes you glad to be a motorcycle rider.

So that’s it for today, and I’ve got 4 1/2 hours until I get to do it all over again!!!




~ by anthony on July 14, 2010.

7 Responses to “Simple things….”

  1. Perhaps you happiest because you were thinking of me and the phone messages you used to leave on my phone late at night?

  2. Absolute gold Phil! Trying so hard not to laugh and draw attention to myself…. Well done!

  3. Looks like you can do this on your wee strom too Anthony:

  4. That’s a cool photo Jase…..The more and more I read about the strom the more I realise how capable it is of going places.

    I’m just glad that I’m not this guy……

    I’m thinking his toes are curled because he knows what may be about to happen….

  5. Ouch! Silly man. I sure wouldn’t want to be riding that hard with basically nothing on.

    Just got back from my trip to SA. Here is one of the pics:

    Something else for you to do on the Storm….

  6. Nice one Jase!! How long did it take to get going again?

  7. Not that long. Dig a bit out on one side, lean it over dig more out the other and what is in front of the tyre.

    Apply some Dakar style throttle and I was away. Must remember knobbies next time.

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