Clean bike brings the rain!!!

Hi Everyone,

Sunday afternoon the bike and the car got a wash, and although washing vehicles isn’t one of my favourite pastimes, I love the feeling you get afterwards when you look at how damn good they look!!  And so here are some shots of the V-Strom after a wash….

The dash, handlebars and gorgeous metallic red tank.

The V-Strom logo….

And here it is ready to go…….

At the office Monday morning…..

And here it is Monday afternoon, and often after a vehicle is washed, the rain comes, and in this case, it was an afternoon storm complete with heavy rain and hail!!

After the storm left and it stopped raining in Grafton, I had about an hour before leaving work, and then I got caught in the storm as I headed north, and by the time I got home both my waterproof gloves and boots had leaked, leaving me with cold fingers and wet feet!

So for this morning’s trip to work, I did the Charley Boorman trick from “Long Way Down” and put plastic bags over my socks before slipping my feet into the wet boots!   Now I just need to get them dry, and smelling a bit better than they currently do!

Also today I wore my summer mesh gloves (with thermal gloves underneath) to try and keep warm, but because of the cold and the fog for most of the trip, my fingers were feeling less than toasty by the time I got to the office.

Out on the back-road this morning the fog was quite heavy once more, but once I got through the village of Southgate, the fog lifted and the fun part of the back road begins…..and the first corner looks like this:

This big sweeping right hander begins when 50km/h zone ends….and what’s at the end of the right-hander?   It’s a left hand bend that is just a big and long as this one.  Coming out of the fog at this point was like coming out of a tunnel into the sunshine.  It was a chance to nail the throttle, move up through the gears and have some fun.

So that’s it from me today, I hope you have a great week out on the road….stay safe and I might see you out there,




~ by anthony on July 20, 2010.

4 Responses to “Clean bike brings the rain!!!”

  1. The Weather Gods do indeed love a laugh at the expense of motorcyclists. Perhaps they’re trying to tell you that an Adventure bike has to look dirty for street cred!

    Have a great week Anthony!!

  2. You may be right there Geoff!! All I need to do now is teach the Weather Gods to wash it!!

    Have a great week too.

  3. Have to try for a bike cover for christmas Anthony

  4. I kept the cover that I used to use for the scooter but I won’t fit the V. Guess I’ll just have to keep washing it. I raised the screen up today, will see how that goes with the trip home from Grafton tomorrow. I’ve noticed that the bugs were getting over the screen and starting to coat my helmet once more…..I hate bugs!!

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