Wet Monday

After a perfect Sunday with warmth, perfect temperature and not a cloud in the sky, Monday arrives and looks like this….

What’s up with that?

Thankfully it wasn’t torrential rain, but there was enough of it.  And so I put on all the gear, and off I went.  I was mostly dry – except for my feet….

Back in 2007 I had an “off” on my first scooter and tore my boot open (and part of my foot) when it was dragged along the bitumen underneath the bike.  So the first thing I did was buy new boots.  I was wanting something that was waterproof, would offer good protection, and also looked good.

One thing I didn’t think about was how comfortable they would be off the bike…but at the time that didn’t matter, so with my credit card in hand I jumped online and ordered some AGV Sport Touring boots.

And now three years later, the waterproofing abilities of the boots are severely lacking…..and I couldn’t figure out why.  Then I realised that while riding a scooter, my boots were mostly hidden behind body work, even in the case of the Derbi they were tucked in behind the fairing so exposure to water wasn’t an issue.   I have a theory that the shift pad on top of the boots may be causing the problem.  Once it gets wet enough, water seeps through and takes a hold and then the boots, and my socks are soaked. 

So what are the solutions….? 

1) Wear plastic bags over my socks inside the boots to keep out the rain? 

2) Cover the boots with wet weather “overboots”? 

3) Try and treat the material with waterproofing solution? 

4) Buy new boots?

I’ve already tried option 1 a few times, its a short term solution that works ok.

Waterproofing the boots or trying Overboots could be the next options.

While having a closer look at the boots today I noticed this….

The top layer is peeling away, and there’s a hole going through to the inside, which is most definitely letting water in….

I’d like to think there is still quite a bit of life left in them. Although I usually love buying new gear, I don’t feel like having to shop for new boots at the moment.

Hopefully it will be dry for the ride home and I won’t have worry about it today!

It’s now just after 1:00pm and the radar is a bit clearer….

So I hope that everyone has a dry ride home today, but if its damp once more, stay safe!




~ by anthony on August 23, 2010.

6 Responses to “Wet Monday”

  1. Oh darn! That means we’ll catch your second-hand weather across the Tasman in a couple of days 😦 .

    That’s a pain about your boots Anthony – will a squirt of clear or black silicone sealer in the gap help? Incidentally, my waterproof boots are Lorica construction and generally ok but sometimes, I give them a light spray with Scotchguard Heavy Duty silicone spray and buff them with a rag just for added peace of mind.

    May you have a dry run home!



  2. Hi Geoff.

    sorry about the weather…we aussies do like to share 🙂

    I’m sure there’s something I can jam into my boot to plug the hole, and Silicone spray sounds like a good option for the outside. Will get some and see if that makes a difference.

    Weather is looking a bit ominous once more….but we’ll see what happens in the next hour!


  3. Hey Anthony, I am a big follower of option 1 because it is easy. Another tip is to ride with your feet back on the pegs which avoids the roost from the front wheel. In bad weather it will work for a while, but on light rain and not much water on the road, usually works fine for a whole 185km trip.

    I have been looking for overboots but I have had no luck even in our stores in Melbourne. I have not heard of a completely water proof boot, at some point all boot leak (except gumboots).

  4. Hey jase, yes – option 1 is easy and works! The “overboot” idea seems good in theory, but the problems I see are (a) getting them on…..and (b) how long will they last when being rubbed against a gear shift lever…..

    I think for now I’ll plug up the hole as best I can, spray on some silicone spray and stock up on plastic bags…..and then hope for sunshine!! 🙂

  5. I found a set of these overboots at Peter Stevens the other day. Gotta wear my boots up so I can try some sizes but at $20, I think if they last a season like my wet weather gear, they will be worth their weight in gold. Will take some pics soon.

  6. Cool Jase, will be interested to see what they are like. I was lucky today and the rain wasn’t heavy enough to get through….(I even double bagged my feet!)

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