After the Gold Coast roadtrip….

Hi all,

I’m back again….seems like such a long time since my last post.

So what’s been happening??

Recently I had a trip up to the Gold Coast – the longest ride I’ve done on the V-Strom so far.     I headed off early on Saturday morning (in the rain) and arrived at Robina after about 2.5 hours, and thankfully the sun came out and it turned out to be a good day.

After doing some things at Robina Town Centre, I then headed towards the water to Broadbeach to get ready to hang out with my boys for the Fathers Day weekend.

We all had a great time…..and was also cool for the kids to finally see the new bike.

So after two days on the coast, on Sunday afternoon I headed home (in the rain) and arrived home a bit after 5:00  pm.  The trip home unfortunately didn’t get off to the best start as I was unfortunately involved in a slide down the road at a roundabout, just before getting out onto the freeway – and this happened just over 5 minutes into the trip……but thanks to my gear I wasn’t badly hurt (bruises will heal eventually…..) and the bike wasn’t too badly damaged either.  Thanks to a gear shift lever repair job by the RACQ I was able to continue my journey.

The bike was then due for a left side bar-end, a gear shift lever and left front indicator ( and it will also need some panel repair ).   But all the required parts are now fitted and the bike is good to go.

This weeks cool bike discovery isn’t as flashy as some others that I’ve shown before, but I think it is an awesome bike.

Like fellow blogger Geoff from NZ, I love Triumphs….and this beautiful Cafe Racer inspired creation started life as a Speed Triple, and was then transformed into this beauty…

It’s simple, but I think it looks amazing!

So that’s it for today, I hope you have been enjoying your week, and have a great weekend,




~ by anthony on September 16, 2010.

5 Responses to “After the Gold Coast roadtrip….”

  1. Morning Anthony,
    Pleased to see that you’ve got the bike back to pristine condition and more importantly, that the pilot doesn’t have any long term damage! No consolation, but we all have an “off” from time to time. The trick is to make them 100 years apart!

    Now I really ought to protest about your blog, namely about the wonderful bikes you find. you’ve done it to me before but the Speed Triple takes the biscuit! What a fantastic piece of kit and “amazing” is an understatement. My protest is because I’d love to go out this moment and splash out 5 grand or so on doing the same to mine!! That really is a class bit of work.

    Hope that the last day of the working week is a good ‘un for you. We have the monster storm approaching that’s just given Tassie a wake-up call, so better go outside and do a few jobs before it hits!

  2. Morning Geoff,

    100 years between off’s is more than fine by me!!

    I would love to see your Triple done up just like that. I’ve found a few other great bike shots during the week, but as soon as I saw that one I had to put it on….i’ll have to keep checking and see what else I can find! 😉

    I’m hoping for a good day at the office too, and good luck with the storm…


  3. Hey mate, sorry to hear about your off. No off is good, but glad you walked away from it.

  4. Hey I didnt hear about the mishap, glad things are ok.
    The Speed Triple looks like it was based on the 885 engine model same as I once owned.

  5. Hey IC, everything is all good now. Even my shoulder is pretty close to being back to normal. The bike is all good too.

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