BMW Bikes In Brisbane……

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I was back on the bike after not riding for just over a week. We had a great family holiday last week while the Vstrom sat quietly in the garage.

Last Friday, Vicki and the girls headed into the city while I went to visit my brother at Newstead.   He works in a great part of Brisbane,  just up the road from the Breakfast Creek Hotel, and his office is right next to the Brisbane Porsche Centre…..I didn’t go into the showroom for a look – wearing jeans and a T-shirt into a showroom filled with cars worth over $300,000 each and sales guys in suits just didn’t seem right……so I did what everyone else does – I pressed against the glass and stared at the cars like the village idiot while the Armani-wearing salesmen looked at me thinking…”oh great, there’s another one!!”

After viewing the fine German engineering,  I headed across the road to Rollies Speed Shop – a parts and service shop for Harley Davidson and Victory motorcycles, and they are also Brisbane’s Victory motorcycles dealer.

There was lots of chrome and leather to be found!   I was loving the blacked out version of the Kingpin 8-Ball, with gloss and matte black replacing most of the chrome.

Then it was a quick walk up the street to Morgan & Wacker for more Harley’s but I was also interested in their BMW showroom across the road.

Here’s a shot of the S1000RR out the front….oooh baby!

While I was inside, the sales staff let me look at the bikes without bothering me until I stopped at the “Chris Pfeiffer” F800R…

While I drooled over this one, the sales girl walked over and immediately started her sales pitch……sadly I had no money to offer her in exchange for this beautiful piece of machinery, nor was I able to offer up my first born (don’t worry Zachary – Daddy wouldn’t ever do that!!)…..then her phone rang and she went and sold a R1200GS instead….so I left with my photo and my memories of seeing one of the last remaining examples of this limited edition bike…..

So back to the Vstrom……after yesterday’s wet trip to Grafton it is filthy!! And I even had a chance to do some gravel riding (which I hate) when some potholes had destroyed a section of road that is being widened and worked on….Luckily it wasn’t raining on the way home and it was easier to get through.    Today was mostly dry, but the wet weather is due to return tomorrow. Thankfully I’m only 2 minutes away for the rest of the week if this wet weather is to continue till Friday.

So that’s it from me today, have a great week out on the road, stay safe and have fun.




~ by anthony on October 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “BMW Bikes In Brisbane……”

  1. Hey mate, sorry to here you are not having fun on gravel. It is actually quite fun when you pick up tips and practice. Try this DVD out for starters, helped me a lot:

    Or you can see a little of fun I had in the Vic high country:

  2. Looks cool mate…..Thanks for the tips! Your video looks cool too!

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