Like riding on the moon……

Hi everyone,

It was another wet trip to the office this morning with some big gusts of wind, driving rain…..and BIG potholes!!

Last week I mentioned a section of road that is being upgraded on my way to work…..but after the wet weather we’ve been having, the new section they have created is just as crappy as the old section……and it was the newly laid asphalt section that the traffic crawled over once again today – even the bus that followed me through it was weaving around trying to find a “soft” line through the mess!

Thankfully most of the holes were full of water which made them easy to see, except for one (which I missed) which was big enough to swallow half the front wheel of the bike!

I’m really looking forward to a dry day for the trip to Grafton……it would be great to go the back road via Lawrence too.  So that’s what I’m hoping for – dry road and a chance to enjoy the ride a little more.   Even non-commute riding over the last week has been a bit stressful with so much water around.

In a few earlier posts I’ve mentioned my admiration and love of the BMW S1000RR, and today I came across a website with a version of this evolutionary motorcycle that hasn’t been seen before.

Ducati, MV Augusta, Honda……they all have naked bikes – either stripped down versions of their existing superbike/roadbike models, or purpose-built street fighter style bikes…..but BMW isn’t the first manufacturer you’d think of when you mention naked bikes.  Sure they have the supremely awesome K1300R, but there isn’t a non-faired version of the S1000RR…..until now.

Frenchman Nicolas Petit and Wunderlich have created the “Piranha” – (a bike most likely designed to showcase the Wunderlich accessories catalog) and it is an awesome looking machine…….


In recent weeks the racing world has seen some new world champions take their place at the pinacle of their sport…..The Roman Emperor – the one and only Max Biaggi took out the World Superbike championship, and after a third place finish at Sepang, Jorge Lorenzo was crowned MotoGP champion.

Lastly I want to say a big hello to fellow blogger and bike rider Geoff from NZ who is soon going to be taking in the Rusty Nuts MC “Grand Challenge” – 1000 Miles in 24 hours….And to Geoff and all the competitors in this year’s event, have a safe and awesome ride – can’t wait to hear the stories and see the photos of the journey.

So that’s it for today…..hopefully you’ll have great rides this week, stay safe and keep the rubber side down.







~ by anthony on October 11, 2010.

2 Responses to “Like riding on the moon……”

  1. Hi Anthony,

    I share your pain re: craters. Down our coast road, they’ve been working on a new bridge for nigh on 2 years. The approaches on either side are rutted clay with bomb-holes. Dusty when dry and lethally slippery with hidden holes when wet. It takes an age to get the baked-on mud off the bike.

    Thank you so much for your very kind wishes for this weekend, I’m very touched. Will do our best to get through it safely and report in next week.

    All the very best…

  2. I was so excited to have a dry (and thanks to daylight saving – Sunny) ride home from work today. And the craters had mostly been filled in, leaving a slightly rough surface. Thankfully it hasn’t rained for a long time today so the rest of the week should be good……(fingers crossed!)

    Loved your blog post today – those bikes are so beautiful!


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