The Commute

Hi Everyone,

So far the fine weather has continued for riding to the office this week.  It was wet last night, but dry out on the road this morning, and once again the sun was shining on the way home.   Speaking of commuting, I found this awesome video today (via the website.   It’s called “The Commute”  – check it out!

Back in the 60’s the Honda Motor Company created the 50cc single horizontal cylinder four-stroke “Monkey Bike”.

My cousin had one when I was a kid, although I didn’t know what it was… me it was just a cool looking little motorbike that he rode around the farm….  Over the years I’ve seen various incarnations of this bike……I raced along side one at Willowbank Raceway a few years ago, and here is an example of a limited edition model that was released a few years ago…..(thanks to two of my boys (Zachary and Toby) for posing behind it!)

But today via the Motorcycle Picture of The Day blog comes this week’s cool bike discovery…….The ultimate Super Monkey Bike!

Have a great week everyone, get out there, enjoy the ride and stay safe,




~ by anthony on October 20, 2010.

3 Responses to “The Commute”

  1. That video sums it up perfectly Anthony thanks! Nice kids – surely they deserve a custom monkey bike hmmmm? I’d have on in my shed any dy!

  2. Thanks Geoff. All three of the boys love motorcycles (…actually they love anything with wheels and an engine!)

    A custom Monkey for them to ride up and down the driveway would be great! Trouble is I’d be fighting them for a go of it all the time.

  3. guys still ride those monkey bikes in Japan, there they are legal on road.

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