The new Tiger Rocks!!

Hi Everyone,

Each week my RSS feeds are full of articles containing the latest “leaked” images and information about the latest and greatest developments in the motorcycling world…..but I love reading all of this stuff and lately, the focus has been on the newest player in the adventure bike world…..The Triumph Tiger 800.

To some it’s simply a BMW F800GS clone (and I’ll admit that the similarities are numerous….) but to me its an amazing bike.  And to acheive this the boys from Leicestershire have taken the awesome 675cc engine from the Daytona, bored it out to 800cc, added a 19inch front wheel (or 21inch spoked front wheel on the dirt-focused XC model) and the result is this……

In some ways, it looks a bit like a Street/Speed Triple…..(what do you think Geoff?)

I like it…….

That’s it for today…..oh wait, there is one more thing…..As well as Triumph, I love the Ducati brand….and here’s an awesome custom race bred model!

Have a great weekend everyone, and a great week……see you out there,




~ by anthony on October 23, 2010.

5 Responses to “The new Tiger Rocks!!”

  1. Anthony:
    I think it seriously rocks too! Looks like it will really deliver true adventure bike performance, not just pose value and the sound doesn’t bear thinking about :-). You can certainly see the lineage in the design.

    And as for that Ducati, that sure stirs the hormones!

    Excellent post mate!

  2. The XC is finally a real Tiger contender. With its 21 inch front, it will actually be all right to ride on the dirt.

    Now, will we see it in Australia and will PSI hold parts locally for it?

  3. Geoff:
    Regarding the sound – It’s a triumph so even if it was ugly (which it certainly isn’t) it would sound great!!

    Yep, that Ducati looks fast just sitting still!

    If the XC is as good as it looks maybe you’ll be looking for a replacement for the Tenere….If we get it here!

    have a great weekend guys,


  4. BTW that Ducati must be pretty popular, I’ve seen it mentioned on at least 4 or 5 blogs in the last few days.

  5. Hehehe, two words Anthony, “Fat Chance”. Love my Ten, it has just the right balance for an ADV bike. Plus parts backup by Yamaha cannot be beaten.

    The Tiger does look the good though, can’t wait to read the write-ups on it. Seems everyone wants to cash in on the ADV boom with baby boomers and Gen Xers all cashed up and looking for adventure, while looking different.

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