Two Wheels, Tattoos….and Wes!

Hi everyone,

It’s Tuesday night, and the long commutes for the week are over…..but this week they were so much fun.   The highway ride can often be boring but this week it’s been great.

Monday started off with a less then fantastic looking outlook for the weather, but thankfully it was dry….but when pulling out onto the highway, I saw a big group of bikes riding over the Harwood bridge heading my way……so what did I do??

I did all I could to catch up to them!.

There were about 30 of them – Harley’s, Goldwings, K-Series BMW’s etc….and then there were about 8 cars between me and the bikes!

And although I wasn’t part of their group, to anyone coming the other way, I looked like the bloke stuck in the loo when it was time to leave……I was the guy inside the servo deciding what flavour pie to get for breakfast while the rest of the group was ready to head off down the road………

Sadly, I was unable to catch up with them without exceeding the speed limit by serious amounts….but I did catch a glimpse of them when they pulled off the highway into the BP servo just outside Grafton.

But yesterday’s rides in the morning and afternoon……and then again today were a lot of fun!

Today one of my favourite blogs Bike Exif featured a story about the editor of another one of my favourite bike websites – Hell For Leather magazine.  Checkout the article about Wes, and then head over to Hell for Leather….its a great read!

People who know me may know that I have a tattoo and may also know that I really like tattoos – (the only thing preventing me from getting another one is the cost!)

A few years ago I discovered the “LA Ink” tv show and it’s featured tattoo artist Kat Von D.   On one episode, Kat tattoos the fashion, glamour and pinup model from Las Vegas, Sabina Kelley.    Sabina owns a Tattoo shop in Vegas called Staytrue Tattoo and here she is posing with a fine example of American V-Twin engineering!.

….Very classy!

So that’s all for today, I hope that you are all having a great week out on the road. I can’t wait to swing my leg over the V-strom and head down the road……

Riding a motorcycle, whether its commuting to work, riding for fun, racing, or whatever… the coolest thing!   So get out there, ride safe, keep the rubber side down, and have fun.

And remember…….”Only a biker knows why a dog sticks it’s head out the window!”






~ by anthony on October 26, 2010.

3 Responses to “Two Wheels, Tattoos….and Wes!”

  1. Morning Anthony!

    Your enthusiasm for the morning commute is the perfect example of why motorcyclists are different from pure cage drivers – we can get intense pleasure from the most basic of rides – even popping out for a bottle of milk.

    Thanks for the Harley photo which is splendid. Will owning one mean a wardrobe change for Jennie, do ya think?

    Have an excellent day!

  2. And a Good morning to you too Geoff.

    re: bike riders vs cagers….You are definitely right about that!

    glad you liked the Harley/Sabina shot….Maybe you’ll need to check with Jennie regarding the wardrobe upgrade!

    You have a great day too mate.

  3. Nice

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