Here Comes the weekend…

Hey everyone,

I hope your week on two wheels has been a good one.   It’s friday night and the weekend is here, so to start the weekend off I thought I’d do a quick post about some cool bikes that I’ve seen this week…..

First up we have the Norton Commando 961 SE.  I don’t know much about Nortons, but what I do know is I love this bike.

Here’s a video review of the bike from MCN in the UK.

Tonight I also came across a post on the ADVrider site of a guy who has modified his V Strom and fitted a single headlight, and removed the bulky fairing at the front of the bike…..and here it is….

And to finish off, here’s another video of a V Strom being ridden off and on road…..Enjoy.

Hope you have a fun and safe weekend,

Seeyou next week!




~ by anthony on October 29, 2010.

2 Responses to “Here Comes the weekend…”

  1. That Norton is the dog’s danglies Anthony – thanks so much for that. Another Lotto wet dream! One of my neighbours races a Commando in post-classic events. He’d kill for one!!

    Have a fantastic weekend mate!

  2. Glad you enjoyed that one Geoff….its truly is an amazing machine. If I win the lotto and buy one I’ll ship it over to NZ and you can borrow it for a while.


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