Rainy day…..now what!

Hi everyone,

Today the weather has been wet and miserable…..torrential rain, wind….not great for getting out for a road trip, which was what I was planning on doing.  A trip up to the Gold Coast was supposed to take place today but sadly the conditions were not good, and the trip will be rescheduled for another time.

Recently I have been looking at additional luggage options for the V-Strom.  I have a 35 litre top box, and plenty of pockets (in my Draggin Jeans and jacket….) but there are times when it is more convenient to have things such as wallet, keys, iPod, iPhone etc within easier reach, and so a small tank bag was the most logical solution……But which one would be the best?

Due to the odd shape of the tank/fairing and position/length of the bars on the V-Strom, I’ve discovered through extensive internet research that (generally) narrower shaped tank bags work best.

Then there’s the magnetic or strap-mounted variety to decide against…..and then there’s price, and all the general features such as capacity, materials used, waterproofing etc…….and after a while it was all getting to hard!

As a temporary (or maybe long-term) solution I was in garage with all my bike gear last weekend and came across my “Hydropak” bag…..its a generic branded camelpak type bag that takes a 2 litre water bladder….and cost me about $50 a few years ago.  It gets used generally in summer but has been sitting around for a while not doing much at all…….but it seemed like it might be able to fill the requirements.

So first thing was to detach the straps and then sit it on the tank……but how would I secure it?

For the past week I had it positioned just below the fuel cap, the top straps squeezed under some panelling (which was screwed down to hold them) and then lower straps under the seat and tied to the frame…..and it worked pretty good.

But today while looking at it again, I thought there had to be a better way.  Having to tie it down under the seat and then use an allen key to lift some panelling, then feed the straps through between the plastic and the tank just didn’t seem like the best idea.

So after pulling it off today, I turned it around and now it looks like this……..

And here it is from another angle

Above and below you can see the “top” straps attached under the seat.

And the other straps are wrapped around a piece of the frame inside the fairing.

So then when its time to fill up with fuel, simply loosen the tension on these straps, and the bag slides down like this.

Then once fueling is finished, simply pull the straps tight once more, and you’re good to go.  There’s plenty of room for my stuff mentioned above, and it means that I can free up my pockets and have everything within easy reach….and just concentrate on the ride.

Another job that needs to be done is wiring up the GPS to battery power.  I’ve been using the GPS since August but haven’t got a permanent power source configured yet…..there are numerous ways of doing it, and I’ve been trying to figure out the best way that will also allow the system to be added to – eg, other devices easily connected.

One option is the Powerlet products, and perhaps running one of their bike power kits with two 12v sockets to allow two devices to be connected – therefore having the GPS charging, and also have the option of charging the iPod or iPhone as well.  So that’s the new item to be taken care of soon.

So that’s it for today, I hope that the riding has been good in your part of the world,

until next time, ride safe and have fun,




~ by anthony on November 6, 2010.

4 Responses to “Rainy day…..now what!”

  1. Very nice use of the Camelpack Anthony – well thought through. Regarding an accessory power source, one of my riding partners has a VStrom 1000. He has fitted to the switched side of his circuit a small marine junction box which is individually fused and will take about 6 different accessories from memory. I was going to follow suit on my Blackbird but sold it before installation. I’m pretty sure I still have the fused junction box in the shed. If you’re interested, I could photograph it for you and if you’re still interested after that, you can have it as an early Xmas present!

  2. Good Morning Geoff. Thanks for the compliment….I was pretty impressed with my idea too. If you can find the junction box, send a photo over and I’ll take a look.

    Have an awesome day.

  3. Anthony:

    Have found it and it’s still in it’s packaging. Have you got an email address for me to send the photo to?

  4. Hi Geoff,

    send it to: anthony_p01@yahoo.com.au


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