VStrom + water = detour!

Yesterday a storm blew up before the ride home and I was presented with something that I normally wouldn’ t have to worry about on the ride home…. a water crossing!  I usually turn off the main road out of town and head past the railway station and come out at a different intersection….but with the storm the drains under one of the railway bridges had backed up and suddenly the road had 50cm of water flowing across it……

And I’m sure the VStrom was capable of going through it – I’ve seen plenty of photos of others taking their bikes through water and mud much deeper than that……but yesterday the VStrom’s rider wasn’t capable and decided to take plan B and go the longer way to get to the highway.

Then 8km out of town, it all stopped as then as if a line had been drawn across the highway, suddenly the road was dry, the sun soon came out and there I was sweating away in my wet weather gear for the remainder of the trip. 

One thing that I enjoy is watching people do things with bikes that go against the manufacturer’s intended purpose.

The stunt riding world is filled with colourful characters who partake in a sport that is (as per Wikipedia) – “characterised by stunts involving acrobatic maneuvering of the motorcycle and sometimes the rider. Common maneuvers in stunt riding include wheelies, stoppies and burnouts……” 

But the tricks aren’t just limited to those mentioned…..there’s ape hangers, cliff hangers, biscuit eaters, the Hyperspin, De activator….and the list goes on and on.

The primary vehicles used for stunting these days are sport bikes, or naked versions of them….such as those shown below…..

Here in Australia we have Matt Mingay aboard the Harley Davidson Nightster 1200

And then there is Chris “Teach” McNeil, who is a ten year stunting veteran and current BMW sponsored rider whose weapons of choice have been the F800R (like Chris Pfeiffer), the new and incredibly awesome S1000RR superbike, and ….the F800GS. 

Yes, you read correctly, this guy does things you wouldn’t believe possible on the “Twisted Throttle” built F800GS – complete with top box, panniers, and all of the other adventure biking accessories fitted……

and here he is doing it for Stuntride TV.

and before you ask…..yes he can also do these tricks on the R1200GS as well – without the panniers!

Have a great week everyone,




~ by anthony on November 10, 2010.

4 Responses to “VStrom + water = detour!”

  1. Pleased to hear that you weren’t swamped Anthony. TVNZ showed footage of an electrical storm and massive hailstones in south Sydney and I hoped you weren’t copping it. Adds new meaning to the phrase “hammer finish”!!

  2. Hi Geoff, we were lucky to avoid the hail, it was just very heavy rain and wind. Sydney and Newcastle (and surrounding areas) have been getting it worse than we have up here in Northern NSW.

    It’s a shame that the weather turns ugly just when it’s time to ride home.

    But today its sunny, and only 45 minutes to go!


  3. I have seen Chris Pfeiffer here and abroad and been amazed each time at his skill.

  4. Hey IC, he certainly is amazing!! I love the video he made where he rode up the BMW tower in Munich. I admire all of these guys (and girls) who have such incredible balance and control of their machines.

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