Will this rain ever end??

This week the weather has been very, very ordinary.   But hopefully its going to clear up over the weekend….well at least that’s what the forecast says, and who knows, the weather man might be correct for once.

Sunday I’m off on a Gold Coast road trip (this is the trip that was scheduled for two weeks ago), so hopefully the weather will be fine…..even scattered showers would be better than the rubbish weather we’ve had here in the past few days.

Today I came across a great blog titled “Where The Hell Is Murph“.  Murph’s blog is great and documents his travel across the US.  He rides a BMW 1150GS and is currently in Death Valley….go check it out.

While checking out some blog posts today I had a look back at some of the older posts on the Roland Sands Design blog, and had another look at one of Roland’s coolest builds.

It began as a Ducati Hypermotard and would have looked like this in its standard form….

(I’ve sat on this one – its owned by Dave the plumber, who also owned a 1098S for a while)

But Roland took an awesome bike, and created this beast….

And for my mate Geoff in NZ, here’s a Triumph enjoying some impressing lean angle on the Tail Of The Dragon…..

I hope you all have a great weekend, enjoy the rides – and hopefully in your part of the world you also get to enjoy some sun!!

Get out there, have fun, stay safe and have a good one.




~ by anthony on November 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “Will this rain ever end??”

  1. Wonderful post Anthony – so many great machines to drool over. That Hypermotard in flat-tracker guise and paint is something most people would kill for, including me!!

    Thanks for thinking of me with the ST photo! I’ve just dusted off my summer leathers but in 3 years of ownership, I’ve never felt comfortable in attaching the knee sliders – would feel a bit of a poser. Maybe I should actually put them on and try and get my knee down!

    Look forward to hearing about the Gold Coast run if the weather was kind. (and even more if it wasn’t kind, hehe)

  2. Thanks Geoff,

    Glad you liked the Striple pic. Definitely go with the knee sliders – and even if you don’t use them to get your knee down, attack them with a bit of sandpaper first to make it look like you do!

    Gold Coast trip was good, up and back in a day and we all went up in the car – weather was still a bit ordinary. Got to hang out with my boys which was great.

    Saw heaps of bikes on the way back, there must have been something on down south this weekend and they were all heading north. Also got to see the new Ducati Multistrada 1200 on the road in one group of bikes – it looks amazing.

    Hope your weekend is great,


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