Project complete!

As I’ve mentioned a few months ago, I purchased a GPS for the bike, but hadn’t gotten around to wiring it up to the bike.  It seemed like a simple enough process, but as usual I was probably over-thinking the whole thing and had 10 different ideas of how to do it in my head……but thankfully Project: “Wire up the GPS” is now complete, with big thanks to my father in law who got the job done for me yesterday.

It turned out to be less complicated than I thought, but it was great to have someone who knew more about electronics than me to make the process easy…….and I now know how to remove all the panels and rear mudguard from the back of the bike.  The mudguard had to come off as it held the wiring that we needed to tap into and it was near impossible to access the wires with the panels all attached.    The positioning of one of the two mudguard screws, combined with the lock-tite on the screw made it a slightly longer process but we got there.

And also thanks to Geoff from NZ for the gift of the Blue Sea Fuse block (see below), which will allow me to easily attach other accessories when needed.  Next up will be a cable to charge my iPhone or iPod while riding.  I was originally thinking of attaching a 12v socket, but then I’d need a 12v USB adaptor to connect to the Apple cable, so I think that something like this ready made Powerlet cable might be better.

Here’s a shot of the fuse block attached to the bike.  Now that it is wired to the switched power, its just a simple matter of attaching the accessories directly to the fuse block – and they become live once the ignition is switched on.

And once again here is the GPS positioned on the bike, ready to go.

It was great to see the charging icon in the top right corner instead of the battery icon which was usually there!  And now switching off the ignition activates the power down option so once the destination is reached I can shut everything down and it’s all good.

It will be good to get out on the road this week, hopefully the wet weather is now behind us (for a long time!) and dry riding is something to look forward to!

Have a great week everyone,




~ by anthony on November 28, 2010.

4 Responses to “Project complete!”

  1. Nice write-up and photos. Tx. I have the same GPS (Aldi).

  2. thanks SuzyVStrom, It’s a great unit and from what I’ve seen its identical to the Strike unit that sells for $499.00…..for $199.00 we got a bargain!


  3. A really professional installation Anthony – delighted it worked out for you. I’ve got an old Garmin 76 CX for the bike (small screen) but we’ve just bought a Garmin Nuvi 3760 for the car. It’s a joint Xmas present so we can’t fit it until Xmas Day!

    Have a good week mate. Fishing for us in the boat tomorrow – have old university friends from the UK staying at present so no riding!

  4. Thanks Geoff. Looking forward to a good week, and hope you have one too mate.

    Hope the fishing was a success today!


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