Gear…yep! Keys….got them! Fuel………..

Hi everyone…..

Sometimes we need to go through experiences to remind us why we could (or should!)  have done things differently…..

Today I stupidly thought that I might be able to reach the office without refueling the bike…..I knew the tank was low coming home yesterday from Grafton and therefore rode conservatively for the 60km trip, short shifting when needed and made a conscious effort to not ride too fast or hard…..and today I thought that maybe I would have enough in the tank to get me to the office and I could fill up on the way home.

Well I was wrong and began the 17.8km journey Maclean and managed to travel only 3.9 km before running out of fuel!  

The V-Strom doesn’t give any warning that it’s about to run out…..there is no stuttering or chugging of the engine… just slows down and then stops.

and here’s a Google maps shot of where that happened……

Due to the fact that I was on a corner, and it had just started raining, I decided to move to a safer location……

I made my way back along Yamba Road to Oyster Channel Road and (after realising that the bike wasn’ t going anywhere in a hurry) that seemed a better (and safer) place to leave it while I prepared to walk back home and get some fuel.

No….its not as much fun as riding…….

While starting to walk home I let Vicki know of my predicament, and she said that she would bring me some fuel on her way to drop off the kids at school…..She’s so fantastic and I really appreciate all that she does!

So I headed back to the bike and waited a few minutes until help (and fuel) arrived.

……the victim sitting quietly….(which is a good thing because if it could speak I’m may have been given a large serving of “What the hell were you thinking….”)

After I put the 5 litres of fuel in, said thankyou and goodbye to the family, and put my gear back on, I then headed off once more…..and it started raining….Again!

And it continued to rain the rest of the way, until I arrived at the petrol station near work, and then put another 16.39 litres into the tank, and headed to the office.

It wasn’t the best way to start the morning,  but the day has improved.

Who remembers TRON? 

Back in 1982 the story of a “computer hacker who was abducted into the world of a computer and forced to participate in gladiatorial games” was released in cinemas and as a 9 year old I thought it was the coolest thing ever!….

Fast forward 28 years to 2010 and we have the return of “the light Cycle” with TRON: LEGACY….and Parker Brothers Choppers  (… relation to me) have created a street legal version of the famous bike….but not just one, they’ve built 10 of them. 

Here they are testing it out on the road….

Would I spend $55,000 US on one of these???  No way, but it would certainy generate some looks if you were cruising down the highway on one! 

The Parker Brothers gang also created a replica of Batman’s Batpod cycle from “The Dark Knight”.

UD Replica’s even make a replica Tron motorcycle suit….as well as replica suits so you can ride your bike looking like Iron Man, Batman or Wolverine…….

So that’s it for today, I hope that your day has been a good one, and hope your tank is filled for the ride home!




~ by anthony on December 8, 2010.

4 Responses to “Gear…yep! Keys….got them! Fuel………..”

  1. Hiya Anthony!

    Mate – I should really start with an apology for laughing so hard – what a magnificent post (well, from my point of view anyway)!!! Sorry about your predicament but I wonder whether it’s going to get worse: Viki may well be an angel. Jennie would have done the same but I’d either end up owing lots of brownie points, or she’d have dined out on the occasion for years! May the incident be instantly forgotten by both parties!

    Thanks for the Tron memories too – the time when “CGI” really started to get way cool. Great movie. Not sure about the turning circle and angle of lean on the Light Cycle though!

    May your day get much better!

  2. Hi Geoff,

    I’m happy to know that my misfortune has provided you with a good laugh today….my work here is done! I must admit that the whole thing seems slightly more amusing to me now than it did this morning!

    Vicki is one in a million and with all that she has on today I was really greatful that she was able to bring me the fuel.

    The day has turned out to be much better, and the sun is shining so that’s good for the ride home!


  3. Bummer, happened to me once when I had my Speed Triple, just didnt notice the fuel warning light until too late. Lucky I was riding with a mate at the time.

  4. It’s not something I’d want to do again……I was really lucky that I wasn’t to far from home and was able to get going soon after.

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