My version of “The Commute”….

Hi Everyone,

I hope that your week has been good and you’ve had some two-wheeled fun along the way.

Christmas is quickly approaching and I’m looking forward to time off and a chance to spend time with my family and also to get out on the road for some rides, but this week I took along a camera and filmed my rides to work.

Why you may ask??  Well the guys over at “RevZilla” recently showcased a movie entitled “The Commute”, featuring a KLR650 taking part in their answer to the daily ride to the office.

My rides don’t feature any dirt tracks or off-road riding like their version, but they are varied and provide their own challenges, fun and opportunities.

So I zip-tied my trusty Pentax Optio E30 to various parts of the bike, set it on video mode and now present to you a snap-shot of life on the road.

One thing missing is footage of the ferry crossing on the Lawrence Road to Grafton…..I didn’t have time to wait around for the ferry on Tuesday, but I’ve got footage of the rides to and from all three offices in Yamba, Maclean and Grafton…… I hope you enjoy my version of “The Commute”.

Have a great week,




~ by anthony on December 17, 2010.

2 Responses to “My version of “The Commute”….”

  1. Crikey Anthony, that’s a seriously nice bit of footage! Enjoyed every minute of it. I would have enjoyed it more if your camera had picked up red and blues flashing behind you, but I suspect you wouldn’t have! You’re lucky to have such a nice run to work. Loved your transitions between shots – what software do you use?

    Your Ixon jacket and camo pants go brilliantly together. Now all you need is a Street Triple to be a real badass! You probably scare clients of a nervous disposition already!

    Top notch post mate! Take care with the idiot cagers over the festive season.

  2. Hi Geoff, glad you enjoyed it. I had an absolute ball filming it all.

    It’s funny that you mention the flashing red and blues……When I was filming the trip home with the camera pointed behind me I was hoping I might have a Cop follow me at some point……I passed two highway patrol cars this afternoon, but didn’t have the camera with me……

    For the editing I use iMovie 09 on my Mac and those transitions are part of the “comic book” theme….

    Owning a Street Triple one day is still a dream that I have – (I’m sure there is a naked-bike hooligan inside me waiting to be unleashed, and the camo pants would suit that perfectly!!!) Before I bought the V-Strom I used to spend hours on the Triumph website configuring my ideal Triple with all the options I wanted……….mmmm one day!

    Will do with the cager-care… too mate.


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