A custom Ducati….and more commuting footage.

Hi Everyone,

I hope that your weekend has been a good one…..the V-Strom is all clean and ready for another week (well three days till holidays start….) on the road.

After the fun I had putting together the commute video last week, I’ve decided to edit together another one with some more footage that I had….

Hope you enjoy it.

And to finish off today here’s a Ducati……as you would know I’m a big Ducati fan…..but this one, which is highly modified, is an absolute cracker!

Dear Santa…..all I want for Christmas is…….

This thing just screams HOOLIGAN!!!!!

To quote Borat…..  “Is Very NICE!!!”

Have a great week, get out there and have some fun and stay safe!




~ by anthony on December 19, 2010.

3 Responses to “A custom Ducati….and more commuting footage.”

  1. Another nice commute Anthony – what time of day is it? The traffic looks pretty light which is fantastic if that’s typical.

    That Ducati – same effect as a pretty girl :-)! With your jacket and camo pants, you’d be a natural. Go out and buy one this instant!

    Have a great week…

  2. Thanks Geoff. I think all that footage was recorded during the morning runs. The traffic parts definitely were. That’s pretty light compared to how it can be….(20 minutes to do 1.5km)

    I’ll just go pick up one of those Ducati’s on my way home 🙂

    You have a great week too….

  3. Not so sure about that exhaust on the Duke.

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