Floods and Motards…..

Earlier in the week there didn’t seem to be an end in sight to the shocking weather we’ve had.    The flooding situation has become known around the world and here in Yamba we are waiting to see what happens when the river peaks tonight in Grafton, and then all that water heads towards us.

Monday morning was really windy (and wet) for the ride to the office – there are some tight corners that are great in the dry, but when its wet and windy and you are leaning into a bend with a wind pushing you towards the road its not the greatest feeling!!

Just after lunch the really heavy rain came, and this was the view from my office window……

And here’s the bike getting a nice wash out the back…….I was getting soaked from the overflowing gutter above the door.

For the ride home on Monday it was worse than the morning trip……My boss had just done the trip before I left and said that it wasn’t raining between Maclean and Yamba…….which sounded great, but once I got all my gear on and headed down the road, I was probably about 200 meters from the office when the rain fell down once more, and it kept coming down all the way home!

So now Yamba is cut off due to Yamba Road being under water in a few places, and I’ve been working here in town (just a few minutes from home) for the last two days and will be for the rest of the week.  The sun appeared for a while today and there was a break in the rain, but there is flooding up-river, and we will see what happens tonight and tomorrow.

I even got to lay sandbags in front of the office today.  I don’t know if they will be needed, but the S.E.S were offering them so I thought it would be good to be prepared……(and because I was the only person from the company working today, I was the boss and got to make that decision.)

So what’s been happening in the bike world ???

The Doctor & The Kentucky Kid unveiled their new Ducati leathers this week at Vrooom 2011.

Recently the custom Yamaha WR450F built (by Roland Sands and Yamaha’s GYTR devision) for MotoGP racer Ben Spies was unveiled to the world.

This street-legal monster Motard boasts features a host of genuine Yamaha GYTR parts and RSD performance Accessories.

So when you reach the point in your career when you are MotoGP rookie of the year, former AMA Superbike and World Superbike Champion…..and you would like a bike for “quick runs to the grocery store”, this is what the bosses at Yamaha give you!

While on the subject of Supermoto’s, I came across this cool pic of a guy sliding into a corner…..try doing that on any other type of race bike….

But I think the my favourite supermoto moment is watching Ruben Xaus shredding on the Ducati Hypermotard at its official launch back in 2008….

The fact that he’s backing it in with his knee on the ground, (and doing it one handed while spinning the back wheel) is awesome.

So that’s it from me today, hope that everyone is doing ok, and wherever you are, stay safe and enjoy the ride.




~ by anthony on January 12, 2011.

2 Responses to “Floods and Motards…..”

  1. Crikey mate, how’s the water level round your area now? Have been seeing the flooding in Qld and words can’t describe it. Hoping it’s not going to be as bad down your way. Deep respect to you riding in those conditions.

    Somewhere, I have a short video clip of Reuben Xaus doing an identical bit of cornering on a GP bike – the control those guys have!!!!!

    Weekend is almost here – hope you enjoy it despite the weather!

  2. Hi Geoff, well the sun is out and it looks like a normal January day! Looks like awesome weather to be out for a ride, unfortunately due to the town being cut off I can’t really go anywhere!

    Its hard to believe what QLD has experienced – the amount of water up there is staggering. Brisbane was lucky that it stopped short of the 1974 levels, but 50 suburbs are still under meters and meters of water!

    The river here looks the same as it did yesterday. The levels up river were slightly lower than expected but we may get some more water flowing down later, but it doesn’t look like its going to be as bad as expected. I’ve just put the office back together (…but I left the sandbags at the door – I wish I had a few more and they were stacked up higher…..then maybe add a few Browning M1917’s….) 🙂

    hope the rest of the week is good for you too, and have a great weekend.


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