Icon does it again….and that’s a BIG V-Twin.

Hi Everyone,

Hope that all is well in your part of the world.  The sun is shining once again, the water is starting to recede and the roads out of town should be open today……and if the road to Grafton is ok by Monday I’ll be heading to the office there.

I came across a fantastic video this week made by the guys at Icon Motorsports.  It shows a drifting battle between a car and motorcycle.  In this case a wicked corvette engined RX-7 driven by Jim Guthrie and a stretched 2005 Kawasaki ZX-10 ridden by Icon sponsored stunt rider Nick “Apex” Brocha.

This footage is incredible…..check it out!  Nick is also wearing the new hi-viz Icon Variant lid that I mentioned recently. With the mirrored visor it looks awesome.    I love the comments he makes about the “absurdly obnoxious RX-7” – especially the bit at 0:47.

Another bike company that I came across this week is Viper Motorcycles who make big v-twin cruisers, but these are not your average v-twins – they make the most powerful production V-Twin in the world and fit it to the fastest super cruiser there is – Their engine capacity is 152 cubic inches (2490cc)…….this thing is a monster.

And to show the power of their bikes, they decided to put their Viper against some other Vipers of the machine world….check out this video of the Viper motorcycle vs a Dodge Viper vs an F-16 Viper.

So I hope you are enjoying the weekend, have a good one and stay safe.




~ by anthony on January 15, 2011.

2 Responses to “Icon does it again….and that’s a BIG V-Twin.”

  1. That is indeed a great video Anthony, thanks for that! V nice helmet too.

    Great to hear that your weather is lifting. We’re battening down hatches for the remains of a tropical cyclone. Need the rain desperately.



  2. Hi Geoff, Good luck with the rain, we have been glad to see it go!

    The roads were open again yesterday and we can now get out of town. I did the 60km ride to the office today, and rode part of the trip yesterday afternoon to check on the road conditions. Thankfully the black stuff is virtually all intact and condiions were great this morning for the ride

    Have a great week,


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