Back on the road again……

Hi everyone,

The world is all back to normal, the roads opened once again and I was able to do the trips to Grafton and Maclean.

The only problem with the Grafton trip was that due to road conditions and road closures, trucks have been diverted through Grafton, which means B-Doubles are heading across the Grafton Bridge and through town…..the net result of this is a 25 minute trip for the last 1.6km – which is longer than it takes when the school buses are running!

On sunday afternoon I headed out for a ride….originally with no destination in mind, but decided to head towards Grafton to see what the road conditions were like before Monday morning.   The weather was great for a ride and despite the recent flooding the road conditions were great.

Here’s a shot of the water beside the road on the way… this isn’t the river.  The river is on the other side of the trees…..This is a gully that fills up when it rains, and this water will be there for quite a long time.


Here’s a shot looking at the other side of the highway……its a bit hard to see in the photo, but this water just goes on forever.  This is mostly cattle grazing land and it’s completely covered in water.

I planned to take some video of the ride, but didn’t realise until I’d been going for a while that when I hit the shutter button to start recording, all I did was take a still photo as I’d forgotten to put the camera on video mode…..oh well.

It was a good ride and I headed to the village of Ulmarra, stopped there for a break by the river for a while and then headed back home.

While looking through my camera today I came across this shot that I took recently in the garage….not sure what the purpose of it was, but I kinda like it.

And to finish off today I’ve got another video that I shot on the ride to work.  This time I had the camera attached to the right-hand pillion peg.   There is a car that you can see for a fraction of a second at 0:35 into the movie – its on the left side of the road and I realised when I was almost on top of it that was an unmarked highway patrol car.   I have no idea what he was doing on Shores Drive – a suburban 50km/h zone……

but wait…there’s one more thing…….as an update to my recent gear post, I have settled on a new pair of summer gloves – Joe Rocket Atomic 2.0  (and when I get around to ordering them they should be here soon)

So that’s it for today, have a great week, and enjoy the weekend in your part of the world.




~ by anthony on January 20, 2011.

4 Responses to “Back on the road again……”

  1. Gee, you guys have really done it tough with the weather – whatever is happening with the world??

    Cool video as usual and an excellent choice of soundtrack. Good spotting regarding the police mufti cars :-).

    The gloves look great – very similar to my Spidi summer gloves. Until it gets really cold, I still use them, just slip Icebreaker merino glove liners on beneath them and when it’s wet, the thin Rain-off over-gloves.

    Enjoy your week mate!

  2. Thanks Geoff….Glad you liked the video.

    At first I had no idea the car was highway patrol…where he was parked was an odd place, then I noticed the abundance of antennas on the car!….(any more than two is a bit sus… when I counted 4, I realised something was up)

    Enjoy your week too mate.

  3. Those gloves look good.
    A lot of water about!

  4. too much water…..and mud. Hopefully this sun will continue!

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