Thursday afternoon ride footage……

Hi everyone,

Yesterday afternoon I headed out for a ride after work – It was great fun to end the work-day that way, and after watching some Youtube footage of guys who had placed their camera on the ground and then gone off and riden past the camera, I decided to give that a shot.

It was strange riding back towards the camera…..I was trying so hard to not look like I knew it was there, but also trying to be as cool as possible and ride as close to the camera as I could……..the inspiration for that was the time I got to drive a V8 Supercar at QLD Raceway.   As each lap went by, the instructor  beside told me to get as close to the orange cone positioned at the braking/turn-in point at the end of the main straight…..and as each lap went by, he would be screaming at me (over the roar of the engine) and telling me where to turn, and finally on the final lap I hit 180kmh down the straight, and nailed that cone, sending it flying across the track……

So here’s me doing a quick afternoon fly by….

looking back at it, I probably could have gone closer but was worried about ….. (a) looking good,  (b) hitting the apex of the corner at just the right spot  (c) getting as close to the camera as possible without hitting it……..but it was great fun.

Sadly the weather started to get a bit ugly later on – and due to removing the topbox from the bike (to decrease weight and make it a bit “sportier”) I didn’t have my wet weather gear with me, and the road conditions weren’t perfect due to mud and crap on the roads from the flood.

And here’s another clip of the ride on North Bank Road at Palmers Island and parts of the trip along Yamba Road on the way back home.

I hope you have a a great friday, and a great weekend,




~ by anthony on January 21, 2011.

2 Responses to “Thursday afternoon ride footage……”

  1. Hahahaha – excellent, you hooligan! If I tried it, fate would have a truck go over the camera just before I got there!

    Have a great one mate!

  2. cheers Geoff. When I went back and picked it up, I was really glad no one was around because it could so easily have been smashed in the spot where it was sitting!!

    You have a good one too mate.

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