Cool retro bikes…..and some more videos.

Firstly, a happy Australia Day to everyone today, hope that it’s been a good one for you.  I’m looking forward to a some cold Beer and a BBQ for dinner tonight!!

This week I started watching Long Way Down for (I think) the 4th time.  I’ve always been a big fan of the “Long Way….” series, and would love it if Charley and Ewan were to do another one…..

They’ve done Europe, Russia and North America… well as Europe and Africa…….perhaps next they could do a Central & South America journey…..we will just have to wait and see.

There are many things about the trips they have done that I love, but one of the things that I’d like to mention today is one of the bikes that Ewan rides (other than his R1200GS adventurer)   I’ve never ridden a Guzzi, but I love the look of the one that Ewan rides in the early parts of episode one….it’s the Griso 1200 8v, and I think it’s a very cool (and tough) looking bike.

But this week’s cool bike discovery would have to be the recently announced Kawasaki W800 Cafe Style…..sadly it won’t be available outside of Japan, but it’s just beautiful.

The standard 2011 w800 is cool also……but doesn’t have the same sex-appeal as the Cafe Style.

Visually the W800 looks like a Bonneville (which I think i would choose if given the option of one or the other) but it’s still a very nice looking bike.  At $13,000 plus on roads its cheaper than the Triumph, but I think retro from Hinckley would win!

I hope your week is good and you are enjoying the time on two wheels…..and to finish off today, here’s a small bit of footage from last sunday afternoon’s ride to Ashby.  As I mentioned last time I didn’t get the dirt riding stuff recorded, so here’s what I saw on the way to the gravel,

and here’s one more…..I came across this video on YouTube recently, which was made for the 2010 awards banquet for the AFM – American Federation of Motorcyclists.  It shows racing footage with an inspirational speech voiced over the top…..its 4 minutes long, but it is something special….

Ok, I’m done now……cheers,



~ by anthony on January 26, 2011.

4 Responses to “Cool retro bikes…..and some more videos.”

  1. the W800 is definitely a nifty looking machine. Was the W650 popular in Australia? They didn’t sell very well here in the States. I wonder if it was just a matter of timing? It seems like the market would be ripe for them now.

    I’m pretty jealous of the green grass and blue sky in your video right about now!

  2. There are a few w650’s about….we have a company in Sydney call “Deus Ex Machina” who do some awesome cafe racer and flat-tracker w650 conversions.

    The green grass and blue sky is very good. After all the rain we had its nice to see the sun for an extended period.

  3. Awesome photos Anthony – reckon the brown seat on the Guzzi really sets it off. Sort of “Retro meets Modern”.

    I’ve seen the Deux Ex Machina W650 cafe racers. Spectacular and something else to have in the garage if Lotto favours us!

    Keep those fabulous, unusual photos coming mate and have a great weekend – very wet for us tomorrow!

  4. Thanks Geoff….totally agree with your comment on the Guzzi. In black or white with a black seat they all look the same, but the brown seat makes a big difference.

    You have a great weekend too mate….it’s been a bit grey and ugly here today, hopefully no rain for the weekend.

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