Does your bike influence the way you dress?

While riding to the office yesterday I saw a guy on a Triumph TT600, wearing minimal clothing and it got me thinking – does the type of bike that you ride influence the way you dress when you ride it..

Take sport bike riders for instance…..They often head out clothed in shorts, t-shirt and their helmet, and particularly in areas where the climate is warmer …..

Generally this outfit starts with a helmet – generally a Shoei, Shark, Arai or similar…..and then the remainder of the parts consists of a t-shirt, or often a singlet, and then a pair of shorts, followed by shoes which may or may not be covered, and are often a pair of thongs…..  

Squids often fit this description…….(note the tool on the left even put his side stand down while he’s stopped….)

Then there’s the cruiser crowd – decked out in their leather and denim (and that includes the parts on the bike…..)   If it wasn’t for the bike, they may be mistaken for pirates…..

Going back to Sportbikes, there’s the leathers option which in some cases could make you look like a Power Ranger……

And I guess lastly would be the adventure touring crowd aboard their BMW GS1200’s V-Stroms and other dual-sport machines…….a bit like the power ranger, but its all textile-gore-tex-water-mud-and-wind-proof….

So there are some examples of how its done…….

…..and for me, I’ve always been ATGATT, and over time put together a style consisting of Shoei XR-1000 helmet, Ixon Textile jacket, short-cuff gloves, green/black camo Draggin Jeans and AGV Sport touring boots……and it looks something like this…..

That was taken when I was riding the Derbi GP1-250 sports scooter, but this gear still suits my needs on the V-Strom…….I didn’t feel the need to switch to adv-touring clothes when purchasing an adv-touring bike……I have enough pockets (and am trying to reduce what goes in them), my camelbak goes on my back when needed (I don’t need the bladder integrated into my jacket)…..and I can’t afford Gore-tex anyway (I’ll stick to sliding the wet weather gear over the top when I need it!)

So to answer the question…, the type of bike I currently ride doesn’t affect what I wear…..but I don’t think I look to bad.   I guess the camo’s would be more suited to a streetfighter…..but for me, they do the job.

Hope your week is good and you are enjoying it.  Lunchtime is now over, better get back to work……




~ by anthony on February 2, 2011.

5 Responses to “Does your bike influence the way you dress?”

  1. Of course the bike you ride influences your gear! I’m a sport rider (but you wouldn’t catch me dead wearing no shirt and shorts! That’s for poser squids with WIDE chicken strips!) I wear full leather and only go to mesh (with armor) when temps exceed about 110F.

    And on the MX bike, I wear Motocross gear. (Quite a stretch, huh?)

    Finally, on the Dual-sport bike, I wear altogether different gear again. In every case, you just need to choose the right tool for the job! 🙂

  2. Hmm… not really.
    I pretty much wear the same thing on each type of bike we have. I mostly wear my RevIt textiles all the time now. I do sometimes wear leather pants & a textile jacket but that’s pretty much the biggest difference.

    On an exclusively off-road ride in the warm weather – jersey/motocross pants.

  3. Thanks guys, I can definitely see your point – and @reyzie, with three totally different bikes I can see why you would have different gear for each…..

    the only change that I make is wearing textile pants in winter (with thermals underneath) to block out the wind/cold…..but winter morning rides here (at the worst) are about 5 degrees C and there’s no snow or ice or anything like that….just fog!

  4. Hi Anthony,

    To answer your question…… partially. I for cold/wet weather riding, I have Gore-Tex gear with the jacket bomber-style to look a bit more sporty. For the summer, I have silver and black 2 piece leathers. They look fine on my old Blackbird and on the Striple, but I’d feel an utter plonker on an adventure bike or a scooter. I reckon your camo gear looks awesome.

    As for people who don’t wear ATGATT, I think that Darwinism might weed them from the population sooner or later.

    Top post mate!

  5. Hey geoff, have to agree that full leathers on anything other than a sport styled bike would look odd……a friend of mine had to ride a few km from work to a race track on his race scooter a few years back, wearing full leathers…..and he had to stop at the lights a few times and got heckled along the way.

    I like the camo gear too…thanks,

    enjoy the rest of the week

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