The V-Strom Rides Tomewin Road and The Burringbar Range

Hi Everyone,

Today I set off on a trip north to visit my sister at Tweed Heads and my mother at Kingscliff.

I left home in Yamba at 7:00am and headed on down the road, and after only a short while I began to feel the heat and knew it was going to be a stinking hot day….

Even at that time there were quite a few bikes out (it was such a good riding day) and soon fter a one quick stop for fuel, and another short stop, I arrived at my mum’s place after about 2 hours and 5 minutes of travelling.

After seeing Mum I headed up to Tweed Heads to my sister’s new place, and after spending some time there I decided I wanted to do some more riding…..

While at Michelle’s I had been thinking that today would be a great opportunity to take the bike out to Currumbin Valley and head over the QLD/NSW border along Tomewin Road.  I had previously done it on the scooter, but hadn’t taken the V-Strom on that road…… thankfully the rain that fell earlier had stopped, and the intense heat dried the road and soon I headed north to Currumbin.

While heading out to the Valley I spotted a big group of sports bike riders…….and seeing them instantly brought a huge smile to my face……So I quickly stopped at the beginning of Tomewin Road, hooked up the camera, and here’s a short exerpt of the 20 minutes that I filmed as I headed over the hill.   I’ll admit that I rode it a bit like a nanna, but the speed limit is only 60 and 80kmh, and I wasn’t sure what the conditions would be like etc….but it was so much fun……

Here’s a shot from the base of the hill, at the start of Tomewin Road……

And here is some footage of the ride…..

After I did Tomewin Road and arrived at Murwillumbah (where I grew up….) I then headed out towards Burringbar.

The Burringbar range is another awesome road with amazing sweeping bends…..unfortunately it has also been historically notorious for being the scene of many accidents over the years………When I was a kid there were always emergency vehicles heading that way, particularly when it was wet, because yet another truck or car had rolled off the road somewhere or misjudged a bend and slammed into someone……….and then one year after yet another fatal car accident (which I remember driving past…) the powers-that-be decided to reduce the speed limit to 70kmh, put up speed cameras along the road, and then eventually the area was bypassed with a new freeway.   Since then, the speed limit has been raised to 80kmh, and I noticed only one speed camera today, and it was such a fantastic road to ride……..there is one downhill section with a great left-right-left combination that is really cool.   Unfortunately due to having too much fun I didn’t want to stop and photograph any of this part of the trip (and my memory card ran out with the video) but if you haven’t ridden this road, do yourself a favour some day and give it a go.

So after Burringbar I eventually rejoined the freeway, and then continued south to home.

It was a great day out and I look forward to doing it again – Here’s a link to the route from Moto Where




~ by anthony on February 6, 2011.

6 Responses to “The V-Strom Rides Tomewin Road and The Burringbar Range”

  1. What’s this about “riding like a Nanna”?????????

  2. sorry jeanette….bad choice of words. 🙂 I could have said riding like a “Nennie” but maybe that would be wrong too………..Maybe I should have said “riding like miss daisy” 🙂 🙂

  3. So SO great to see you Anty.. Great to see you enjoy your ride. See you on another one soon,
    Shells xoxo

  4. Great to see you guys too michelle. x

  5. Anthony, I LOVE your approach, you always seem to be riding rather than doing anything else – a true blue biker!!! Wishing you many more decades of it mate!

  6. Thanks Geoff, it was a great day out, and I look forward to many decades of it!

    The conditions were great to be out on the road. Unfortunately today has turned ugly so the wets will come coming out for the trip to the office this morning….

    have a great week mate.

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