Sunday afternoon ride to Whiporie.

Howdy everyone,

Today’s ride had no particular destination….which seems to be normal for a Sunday afternoon ride.   I left a bit earlier than normal as it looked like a storm was heading our way at some point in the afternoon.   So I headed out of town and decided to head out on the road to Lawrence, thought I’d catch the ferry over the river and hang out there for a bit and then head back home……but as I got further from town the clouds seemed to move away and it got hotter…….

So off I went to Lawrence…..over the ferry and then headed through the village and over the bridge, stopping on the other side.

(click on the images for full size)

A nice clean V-Strom hanging out by the river….

I really love my bike……

I turned around and saw my gear lying under the tree and thought…..that kinda looks cool, why not get one more shot…..

I have a panoramic photo app on my iPhone that I hadn’t used yet so I thought I’d give it a go down by the river.

So after heading back over the bridge, and realising the storm wasn’t coming I headed off down the road to Whiporie.  I’d never been to Whiporie before….it’s a small town on the Summerland Way between Grafton and Casino…..It was only 30km from Lawrence so I thought why not check it out.

The road was fantastic.  Lots of great sweeping bends and even though it was a road I’d never ridden on before I didn’t have to ride like Miss Daisy was along for the trip… was great fun.

Here’s the destination…..and it was a bit like playing “capture the flag”…..I stopped long enough to take the photo then spun around and headed back to where I’d come from…..the Summerland Way copped a battering after the recent floods as so much traffic was diverted along it….but thankfully the worst parts were on the other side of Whiporie towards Casino.

Even the highway has some great sweeping corners, like this one….

And there is this great series of crests…..the last one is in the shade way up ahead but it was great fun.


Here I am back on the Pringles Way heading back towards Lawrence.


And here’s the final shot waiting for the Ferry back over the river….


I’ve just checked the radar again while writing this….its now 3.5 hours since I left and the storm is still building, it’s about 10 times bigger than it was at 2:00pm, but not moving very fast at the moment….

Here’s the MOTOWHERE route of today’s ride (I’ve included it as one-way only as the return trip is basically the same in reverse.

Have a great week everyone,




~ by anthony on February 13, 2011.

4 Responses to “Sunday afternoon ride to Whiporie.”

  1. That was a cool ride Anthony. Loved the panoramic shot and those road surfaces looked billiard table smooth. Another day in Paradise eh?

    Hope that the pending storm stayed well-behaved!

  2. Hi Geoff. Yes it was a cool ride, looking forward to doing that one again….it was effortless and heaps of fun!

    The panoramic shot turned out pretty good – although I just looked and noticed I didn’t line up the table under the shelter properly….but other than that it’s not bad.

    The storm basically stayed where it was all afternoon and into the night. We got a bit of rain late but that was it. However, this morning the heavens opened big-time for the second half of the trip to work.

    Have a geat week,


  3. Hey Ants

    you must be one of the only people who went out of your way to experience Whiporie – did the single shop, phone box and two houses deliver all you hoped it would and more? 🙂

    Keep the updates coming – here in cold and snowy New York – your many shots of the far north coast always make me want to be out on my bike (of the pedal power variety!)



  4. Hey mate,

    To be honest I got as far as the sign that I took the photo of and that was it!! It’s a shame I didn’t go further……two houses!! That would have been a treat!!!!

    Glad you are enjoying the posts mate…..We’ve had some seriously hot days here recently…..obviously a big difference to your snow!!

    I haven’t been out on my pushie since the christmas holidays, but I see it each morning when I get on the Suzuki.

    Take care and say hi to Bron too.


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