Another custom Monster!!

I love the Ducati Monster, and hope to one day take one for a test ride.   Owning a Ducati would be awesome, but I think the experience of just taking one for a ride would be just as great.

As much as I love the standard Monster, heavily modified ones are also cool, and I thought that this Duc was the most amazing custom italian I’d ever seen…..

But then along came today’s post on the Ottonero blog…..this thing is out there!

The front end looks like something built by the Confederate Motorcycle Company, the back end is pure streetfighter, the exhaust is like nothing i’ve seen on a Ducati before…..its a beast.

But…..given the choice between the two, I’d probably stick with the red one.

I hope that your rides today were good, the storm that we didn’t get yesterday turned into constant rain that fell all day!   I decided to skip wearing the wet-weather pants when the rain started on the way to the office this morning, sadly that was a bad idea and the Draggins were soaked……and still wet for the trip home.   So after pulling the plastic’s on over wet jeans I wasn’t feeling quite so comfortable when I arrived home this afternoon.  My hands were sore from obviously gripping the bars too hard, and they were wet as well….so it was an interesting trip, but I made it safely home with no issues.

That’s it for now….have a great week,




~ by anthony on February 14, 2011.

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