A custom Triumph!

For regular readers of this blog, you’ll notice that I regularly try and showcase a cool bike that I’ve come across on the internet (either by seeing it somewhere, or copying a link to another site that has showcased it……and it seems that they appear in multiple locations quite often.)

And the one that I’ve got for you today I found via Rocket Garage, and its a cracker………Geoff, this one’s for you!

It’s the 2010 G-Black, built by italian custom builder Mr Martini.

Prices for a Nicola Martini creation start at around €15,000 – so if you have a Triumph that would like to be turned into something special, head off to Verona and see what the mad scientists can do for you……(they are actually located across the street from the Triumph dealership….so you can go buy your new bike, wheel it across the road and let the magic happen!)

I came across a blog post on the HellForLeather site the other day about a company who makes enduro bike/snow clothing – They are Klim and they have the ultimate dual-sport/adventure touring outfit……and I love how the website shows the price for the jacket, with the words “As low as”….yep this thing costs $1299.00, and it is the bees-knees of adventure touring jackets….

Its got Gore-Tex, its got a built-in neck brace system, it’s got a 3-litre hydration bladder, its fully armoured, ……..its got Gore-Tex lock-out enclosures for total waterproofness – these “zips” work more like zip-lock bags………its freakin’ awesome!

And the matching pants……..yours for only $849.99 and they have all the armour, pockets, ventilation and any other features you could possibly need…..

And now after seeing three of the high-end sets of riding gear for every weather condition known to man……(there’s the Alpinestars Durban, the Rev-it Defender and now the Klim Adventure Rally)…..I think I’d go with the Klim.

I particularly like this one because it doesn’t have that “Adventure Touring” look to it……I don’t like the longer style jackets that this style of clothing usually has……..but for $2,150? (especially when the bike is not paid off………not going to happen!)

Anyway, that’s it from me today…..hope that your weekend is a good one!




~ by anthony on February 19, 2011.

2 Responses to “A custom Triumph!”

  1. Anthony,
    Thanks so much for that mate, it’s an absolute beauty!!! What I like about it is that it’s so minimalist, but the simplicity comes from a very clever designer. Looks brutal and totally functional. I vaguely remember Martini having some sort of semi-official connection with the Triumph factory on occasions.

    Nice riding gear but ouch, the price!! In heavy rain on a long haul, I just chuck a plastic oversuit price $150 over my slightly leaky Goretex!

    • You are welcome Geoff. Your “brutal and totally functional” comment describes it perfectly.

      Yes the price of that gear is insane, fine for a round the world trip, but way beyond what I need……

      Have a great one!

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