A wet saturday morning ride in the country…..

When I left in the morning the threatening rain seemed far enough away that it wouldn’t be a drama……how wrong was I.

So once again with no particular destination in mind (initially…..) I headed towards Maclean, over the ferry to Lawrence…..and then the drops started……nothing major to begin with, but I decided to stop and put the wets on….just in case.


And so as I headed off down Lawrence Road this is what lay ahead of me…..

mmm nice…..thankfully the road isn’t too bad, so a bit of rain shouldn’t be a problem.

And so there are lots of roads that go off Lawrence Road, and one that had been wanting to go down at some point was Great Marlow Road.  I started to head down it one morning on the way to work, but the few hundred meters I road on were very narrow and I didn’t want to waste time getting to the office……..so why not head down it in the rain…….not sure what I was thinking but I didn’t expect the weather to turn so quickly…..


So here’s a shot of Great Marlow Road before me…..at some points it’s so narrow that a 4WD would barely fit on it, and there’s grass growing up the middle so it looks like somebody’s driveway…..


And here are some of the locals…..I’d been told previously to watch out for them on the wrong side of the fence……


Thanks to my step-daughter Chelsie for my hand-made string….it was so cool it had to go on the bike.  (Sorry for blurry-ness of foreground.  My camera obviously focused on the grass. The screen is also a bit dodgy and doesn’t always work so I can’t review my shots….. I think it’s been used for too many on-board videos and its not coping with normal use.)


Here’s another landscape shot…this is pretty much all you get out there…….grass, fences, cows……more grass, the occasional horse…..actually there was one shot I would love to have taken but didn’t get a chance…..Two horses were standing side by side near a tree, but they were facing opposite ways.  Their legs were in the exact same position and as I rode past on the correct angle it looked like a two-headed horse.


This is the last part of the road (the whole thing is about 7.5 km long) and this bit heads back out to Lawrence Road.


Here is a tree plantation that was beside me…..


And here’s yours truely……nice and dry (on the inside!)   I decided to leave my mesh summer gloves on today, definitely can’t stand the smell of the others any more!!!  So the new gloves got soaked, but there was no staining of my hands from the black leather (that has happened with all other pairs of gloves that I’ve owned…..but the $29 ones left my hands nice and clean.

So after I got back onto Lawrence Road, I was virtually at Grafton, so I headed through town, over the bridge to South Grafton and picked up some chain lubricant from Super Cheap Auto and then headed back towards home……


Here’s a shot of the Harwood Bridge in front of me after turning off the highway.  traffic on the highway was building up as the bridge was opening at the time.  That black cloud in front of me  seemed to follow me all morning…


So that’s it for today….the gear did its job and i arrived home clean and dry.

And to finish off here’s a bike that’s part German, part Italian……BMW engine in a Ducati frame…. looks awesome!.

And before I go……..the boys at Roland Sands Design are starting a new project on their blog – turning a Ducati Desmo RR GP Replica into a Street Tracker….can’t wait to see how that one turns out!

Hope you have a good weekend,




~ by anthony on March 5, 2011.

2 Responses to “A wet saturday morning ride in the country…..”

  1. Hey Anthony, there are some themes running here mate! You seem to be developing a liking for getting out in the wet stuff and good on you. Slightly more worried about your predilection for narrow country lanes – better pack your banjo ;-).

    The string is excellent – never know when it will come in handy!

    The Becati also has elegant, clean lines. Some great stuff comes out of that design studio.

    Have an excellent weekend!

  2. Thanks Geoff,

    There are plenty of narrow country lanes around here that I haven’t explored yet…..and as a bonus, I’ve been playing a particular song on the guitar for about 20 years that Lonnie is also VERY familiar with……

    Yes the string is great….she’s going to make me some more in red, black and silver to match the bike!!

    Hope you have an excellent weekend too.

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