Motorcycle podcasts

Riding conditions this week have been cooler than we’ve experienced in a while, and thankfully the rides to work have been mostly dry…..although the wets have been on a few times, just in case……

So for today’s topic I’m going to talk about Podcasts – and specifically some that are motorcycle related.    I enjoy listening to them, and so today I’m going to give a brief description of three of my favourites:

Cycle Torque Podcast – Produced by Cycle Torque Magazine, this monthly podcast features Editor – Chris Pickett & Publisher – Nigel Paterson as well as an off-road segment by Darren Smart.    The podcast features the guys talking about motorcycle news (both here in Australia and around the world, as well as bike reviews, Motorcycle Racing news, and interviews with industry people….its great stuff.   The free Cycle Torque Magazine (distributed in bike shops around the country) is also available as an eMag – and can also be downloaded via iTunes each month.

Dual Sport Podcast – I’m a big fan of Craig’s (“Swingset”) Dual Sport Podcast.  And although I’m not really a “dual sport ride” kinda guy, I love listening to this weekly show and hearing all about what’s new in the world of Dual Sport/adventure riding.   His show features questions from listeners, reviews of gear and bikes….and also and some cool music.  So if you like getting off the highway and out onto the trails, checkout the Dual Sport Podcast.

The Pace Podcast – I’m only a recent listener to this one, and came across if after one of the hosts (Chris) was featured on the Dual Sport Podcast. 

This show features Chris and James and their own words, the show is “…..recorded and produced by riders who live the life every day. People who ride for the enjoyment and utility of it, not to just “talk the talk”. The hosts are real people, living real lives and integrating their love of riding into those lives.”   It’s a great show and worth checking out – and one particular episode (ep #63) features a great interview with American motorcycle safety writer, David Hough. 

and for more bike podcasts, checkout the iTunes store and you’ll find plenty of good ones there also…..

To finish off today I thought I’d post this pic that I came across during the week……I think every rider at some point in their life would appreciate having a bike displayed like this….




~ by anthony on March 9, 2011.

4 Responses to “Motorcycle podcasts”

  1. Ha for a minute, Anty, thought Vicki may have let you have yours in the living room… Have a great day,
    Love Shells. xo

  2. well Shells, mine is red…..but its certainly not a classic Ducati. Mine will be staying in the garage!

  3. Thanks for the tips, Anthony.
    I listen to The Pace Podcast but I’ll have to check out the other two.

  4. No worries Fuzzy. 🙂

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