Around Australia in 44 Days…..on a Speed Triple

This past week I discovered a new (well its new for me….) social network site…..yes we have Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Bebo…..and a whole host of others…… but this week I discovered

There was a post on Netrider about a guy named Chris Mitskinis, (from WA) who is doing a 20,000km Round Australia in 44 Days trip, and documenting the trip via a Tumblr blog.

The scenery he has come across so far is just amazing……And instead of doing the trip on the usual long range adventure tourer, he’s doing it on a black Triumph Speed Triple – complete with multiple GoPro HD cameras (mounted front and back and a Canon 7D SLR), and all his luggage.

It started as a holiday, then progressed into a documentary idea, and has now taken on the form of the Tumblr Blog.  He’s now 10 days into the trip and has reached Adelaide.

So go and checkout  the “44 Days” site.

Here’s one of my favourite photos that Chris has taken so far………..

(photo by Chris Mitskinis – 44 Days)

While checking out Tumblr, I decided to sign up for my own Tumblr blog – it won’t replace this one, but is a great way to quickly upload photos, text, videos etc to a short blog post, and then notifications of these uploads can be linked to Facebook, Twitter etc…..There is also a Tumblr iPhone app which allows quick and easy uploading of stuff from anywhere.  And so I’ve created a “Road Trips” page on Tumblr which I thought I’d use to upload photos and videos taken while I’m out riding – just like I will continue to do for this site.

So that’s it for today, hope you are enjoying your week so far, I’ll have more later in the week.




~ by anthony on March 15, 2011.

2 Responses to “Around Australia in 44 Days…..on a Speed Triple”

  1. Looks like a decent alternative to Facebook, but getting the awareness will be their challenge.

  2. It seems to be a platform that can be customised in so many ways too…..will see how it goes!

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