Two Wheeler – Weekend Edition

Today I had a short ride into town but despite the fact it wasn’t a long ride, it was still good fun.  I had some things to get at the supermarket and had hit the chain with a dose of chain oil and decided to give it a run to work the oil through.

Due to the warmer conditions I surprised myself by deciding against ATGATT!!! and wore shorts and running shoes, and my Nolan N30 open face helmet (which I love!) instead of the Shoei…..  I rode around and checked out the beach and went through town to see what was happening…….

but…….The highlight of the ride was seeing a kangaroo……but not just any kangaroo, this one was huge, and it was virtually in town…!!!    it was sitting under a tree on a vacant block of land.   When I went past it the first time it was standing up, and it was massive!!!  I was so excited to tell the kids about it when I got home……and when I mentioned the location of the cool thing I saw…”  they said….”yeah, there’s been a Kangaroo sitting there for a couple of days…….”    so my exciting sunday afternoon story wasn’t quite so exciting, but that’s ok.

So tomorrow I’m off to work in Grafton once more, and ATGATT will return once again!

Some of the other fun stuff today was hanging out with the kids and sailing boats down at the river, and then I decided to try and make rubber-band powered propellers for the boats……they are in the prototype stage, but with some modifications and adjustments, we made them work.


So that brings us to this week’s cool bike discovery………and this time its a Harley.

I’m generally not a big fan of  most standard Harley Davidson motorcycles…..there are some models that I really love (such as the VROD)  but in general a chromed-up cruiser doesn’t really float my boat…….but there are some custom Harley’s that I often come across that are just awesome.

One such example of Milwaukee awesomeness is this XR1200 built by Moto Sapiens in Belgium.  Their website doesn’t offer much info about them, and translating the site text to english didn’t really help much either…..but this thing is incredible…..and if I was after a Harley, I’d definitely look at the Sportster XR1200.

Checkout Moto Sapiens for more info.

so that’s it for this weekend, I’m looking forward to the week ahead, and also looking forward to seeing Casey Stoner bring home another win in tonight’s Moto GP race……..would I like to see Rossi bring home a win for Ducati?  Absolutely….,but the odds are that Casey will bring home the win once more….. So good luck to everyone.

And finally, while writing tonight’s post I’ve been hanging out with my step-daughter Madison…..eating chocolate and watching TV.     Maddie loves Cheetahs…….yep, most 10 year olds may prefer puppies or kittens…but Maddie loves the most elegant and graceful of all African cats.   But they are not only graceful, Cheetahs are seriously fast… speed record I found on the internet was a 6.13 second run for 100 meters……. to put that in perspective, Usain Bolt does the hundred in 9.58 seconds!!!

So Madison, this one is for you…..a cheetah patterned motorcycle….. (and when I showed her she said it was very cool!)

Have a great week everyone,




~ by anthony on April 3, 2011.

2 Responses to “Two Wheeler – Weekend Edition”

  1. Excellent post Anthony!

    I feel the same about Harley dressers but I LOVE the XR series and their brutal looks. They seem to have carried the same brutal intent ever since Cal Rayborn and his racing XR’s. There was a beautiful XR flat-tracker at this years’ classic races in Auckland.

    Saw my first ever kangaroo in the wild about 3 years ago hopping between the grape vines up in Hunter Valley wine country north of Sydney – we were really excited!

    Loved your tale of playing with thekids – brought back old memories of rubber-powered boats and cars using cotton reels! Thanks for that!

    Enjoy your week…..

  2. Thanks Geoff.

    I’d love to see the one-make XR race series they have in the US as well……they are such tough looking bikes.

    Yep, playing with the kids yesterday was great……

    You have a great week too.

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