Jedi mind trick or attitude change?

As a motorcyclist, you are at the mercy of the weather, exposed to the elements and often as a result of that, the general mood of a ride can be affected.

I’ve never been the kind of person who would say….oh, its wet, I can’t ride to work.  Even back in the days on my first scooter, I’d just put on the wets and go……

With the Derbi, there were a few times when I took the car when going to Grafton in really torrential rain, but the V-Strom is capable of getting me there and back no matter the conditions.

And so, before leaving for work this morning the weather didn’t look great, but not unlike any other wet day.  I didn’t bother to check the radar before leaving as the rain had been pouring down outside.  I expected at the very worst that it would rain between Yamba and the highway over the hill from Maclean…..and a quick look out the window indicated there may have been more on the way.

And so I put on my wet weather gear,  rolled the bike out onto the driveway, started the engine, put on my helmet and gloves, swung my leg over the seat…..

…… and as I gripped the handlebars and stared to roll down the driveway, that’s when it began…this odd feeling that somehow today was going to be different – was it a subconscious change in my mental attitude, a shift in focus, …….whatever it was, I began a ride that seemed like no other….

As I headed out of town the rain increased, there were big puddles on the road, there was poor visibility at times……..but none of those things seemed to matter – for all I knew it could have been sunny and 35 degrees.

There was a smoothness and fluidity to each movement of the bike…..each gear change was faultless, every cornering manoeuvre  happening as if the bike was on rails……..and then the sun came out and this feeling of Jedi motorcycling increased.   (note: I could have said “Zen” motorcycling, but as a late-30’s Star Wars fan….I know where George got his idea from..:) )

This feeling lasted for the whole ride, has continued and translated into a productive day at the office.

At this point I don’t have an explanation for the change…….but I’m not complaining, and will embrace any positive changes – motorcycle related or not.  Today definitely feels different…..all I can say is bring it on!

Enjoy the rest of the week,




~ by anthony on April 5, 2011.

4 Responses to “Jedi mind trick or attitude change?”

  1. Way to go Anthony! I’ve always found that my Zen days come when I’m least expecting them, probably because you’re not trying too hard to make them happen.

    May you have more!

  2. Thanks Geoff…..yep, completely unexpected. Who would have thought it would happen on a wet ride.

    Look forward to many more.


  3. That’s awesome, Anthony. I hope that feeling carries over into everything else you do.

    Sometimes as people i think we just come to the realization that – you can either sit around complaining about stuff or.. just make the best of it and enjoy life as it comes.

    Great to see your clouds had a silver lining…

  4. Hey Fuzzy, it was a pretty awesome feeling, and I agree with your theory too. I think that was what happened.

    …..and it translated into a great day.

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