Custom bike builders…

Hi everyone,

There’s nothing about me or the V-strom today – today’s post is a salute to some of the creative geniuses out there who start with an idea, a sketch or even a complete bike, and then use their magic!…..and here are some of their stories….

At the end of a recent blog post, I mentioned the new project that the guys at Roland Sands Design were working on.   Ever since I first heard about Roland, I’ve been a fan of his work.  And so his latest project involves one of the world’s most exotic road motorcycles:   The Ducati Desmocedici RR.  (I’ve been lucky enough to see one of these in the wild, and it was amazing to see it out on the road.)

And so there is a Desmo owner (he actually has three of them…) who has decided to turn his zero-mile, 200bhp, road-legal MotoGP racer  into a Flat Track Racer.

Not many people (acutally can’t think of anyone…) would want to take a bike that is at the peak of refinement, design, performance….and price! and then turn it into a stripped down monster that spends its time on dirt going sideways!

So to set the scene……this is what the bike would look like prior to its RSD treatment…….ooh baby!

It truely is stunning……and only 1500 were built, and were snapped up pretty quickly (the 500 allocated to the USA were sold out in 5 hours!)

And so after a few weeks at the RSD workshop it now looks like this…..

I can’t wait to see the finished product, which should be unveiled soon. Roland said himself that the true test will be when Nicky Hayden rides it later in the year at the Indy Mile, and then gets off and hopefully says…..I want one!

While we are still on the subject of taking something and turning it into something else……..I’ve mentioned before that I love Cafe Racers, and today I came across this video titled “Cafe Cowboy” about Dustin Kott, an American bike builder specialising in custom British style Cafe racers – made from old 70’s japanese bikes.  

Its 10 minutes long, but well worth a look, even if you don’t like Cafe Racers, its a great documentary about an artist, builder & creator…..I truely admire people who have the ability to take an object, image or idea and then turn that into something spectacular and beautiful.

So go and grab a coffee, sit back and relax and enjoy this film…..

so that’s it from me today, and to everyone out there, whatever it is that you create, you are to be commended for bringing beauty, style, passion and the visible outpouring of your soul into your work.  You have my thanks for making the world a better place.

and to the bike riders out there……remember to keep your motorcycle in good repair because motorcycle boots are not built for walking!

cheers, and get out there and enjoy the world!



~ by anthony on April 7, 2011.

4 Responses to “Custom bike builders…”

  1. Hi Anthony!
    I’ve seen a Desmocedici racing in Auckland and the exhaust note is aural (not oral!) sex! Dunno whether that noise goes with a flat-tracker as they seem just perfect for V or parallel twins! Will have to wait and see how it turns out.

    Now Dustin Kott is a guy I can identify with – thank so much for that video.

    Off for an “observed” ride on Sunday with the Chief Examiner of the Institute of Advanced Motoring. I’m fair crapping myself. This is the first stage towards becoming an advanced instructor If I can hack it!

  2. Hi Geoff,
    I’ve always loved the exhaust sound of any Ducati – definitely looking forward to seeing (and hearing) this one in action!

    There are so many things about that Cafe Cowboy video that I love. Glad you enjoyed it. I also had a look at Dustin’s website ( and love the last line of his bio…“Long live vintage motorcycles that are too tough to die…”

    Good luck with the ride on Sunday, I’m sure you’ll do an excellent job!

    Cheers mate, and enjoy the rest of the week, and the weekend.

  3. Must be nice to make a living building custom bikes for the very rich, sure beats my day job!

  4. It does sound nice……I still can’t comprehend someone being the owner of three Desmocedici RR’s, and then deciding to cut one up!! I guess the good thing is that he has picked one of the best there is to do this kind of job. I’m a huge fan of Roland’s work.

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