Sunday Afternoon ride

Hi everyone,

Hope your weekend has been a good one.

I headed out for a ride this afternoon with no particular destination in mind.   While heading along Yamba road I thought I’d head down North Bank Road first…… this road begins with a tight left-right-left combination that is great fun to ride on………but today as I approached the turn-off, all I could see was a Highway Patrol car……yep, the purple falcon was sitting there just off the highway, the police officer was talking to a couple who possibly owned the SUV that was parked behind the police car.

So I headed past them, then had a quick run down to Middle Road, did a quick u-turn then headed back and did North Bank road the opposite way……and when I headed back up to Yamba Road, the police car was still there…..the SUV was still there and they were all still having a chat…….

So after that, I headed over to the South Bank Road turnoff, then headed the back way into Maclean via Townsend.

After stopping to photograph some Kangaroos I headed into Maclean, then went up to the lookout, then back along River Road towards home.

So here are some of the photos that I took along the way……

This ‘Roo stood there for a while……it was like he was thinking “If I don’t move, maybe that noisy red thing over there can’t see me!”

This group stayed around for a while, then they all stood up and began to hop away…..

Here’s a shot from the lookout…..

And here is the V-Strom……described by some as one of the ugliest motorcycles around…..but I love it.

Here it is from another angle…….Its such a fun bike to ride

And finally here is the bridge at Harwood, as seen from the boat ramp where the two shots above were taken.

So that’s it for today, I hope that your weekend has been a good one, and you have a great week




~ by anthony on April 10, 2011.

4 Responses to “Sunday Afternoon ride”

  1. Great photos Anthony, you live in a gorgeous area of the world.

    Do you always have to be on guard for ‘roos running out in front of you? An employee of mine clipped one between Brisbane and Cairns but he committed the cardinal sin of riding at night. But are they a real risk in daytime too?

    You have a good week mate!

  2. Thanks Geoff. It certainly is a nice place to be.

    When I see a group of Kangaroos like that it reminds me that I should think about them more often. There are plenty of places where they could come out on to the road. I think most of them get hit at night, but you just never know what they are going to do.

    Have a great week too mate,

  3. Over the years, the looks of the Vee/Wee have grown on me. I really don’t find it to be ugly at all. I have a few friends who absolutely love theirs as well. To own a Wee is to love a Wee, apparently.

    I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen a kangaroo in person. Though i’m sure they are a hazard, it must be pretty neat to see a group of them.

  4. I agree with the Un-Ugly-ness of the Wee/Vee. I remember the first time I saw a pic of one and thought, who would want to ride that? Now I often catch a glimpse of it in the garage as I walk past and then just stop and admire it…..

    Seeing that many Kangaroos is a regular thing, and usually I would just keep on riding because they are always there, but the way they stood up and watched me as i slowed down was kinda cool so I stayed and watched them for a bit.

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