Boots on the Inside or Outside???


Just a quick post………..

I wear kevlar jeans when riding with knee high touring boots………Generally I have my jeans on the outside of the boots as having them tucked in kinda looks weird…..It feels fine while riding, but when you get off ….and you can’t tell me that image isn’t important to motorcyclists…:)  boots on the outside (with jeans) doesn’t look right……

I wore the jeans tucked in for the ride home monday afternoon. The temp was a bit cooler and for some reason the base of the jeans kept riding up (could be problem with the knee armour not seated correctly) and as a result my legs were getting cold.  So I stopped and tucked them in, got back on and off I went.

I can imagine that if you are wearing leathers then boots probably don’t fit under them……

So I was wondering what the general consensus is out there…… is it boots on the inside or the outside??

Have a good one,




~ by anthony on April 14, 2011.

2 Responses to “Boots on the Inside or Outside???”

  1. You’ve pretty much answered your own question Anthony! When I did the odd short ride with jeans on, they were always on the outside as I looked like a farmer with them tucked in! Have them on the inside with my cordura pants, also for waterproofing if it rains. Usually have the pants tightened a bit with the ankle straps to stop drafts up the leg as my boots are only calf length. With my summer leathers, there’s no way I could get them up the inside as they’re far too tight!

    Have a cool week mate!

  2. Hi Geoff,

    I like the farmer analogy….(thankfully I could probably pull it off with the camo jeans)

    You have a great week too!

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