some more ride footage……

I haven’t filmed any ride footage for a while, and so I decided to get the camera out today.   Before the trip to work I had to go to the Yamba office to get some files, so when I was ready to leave there, I put the camera on the right pillion peg and filmed the trip to Maclean.

For the ride home I headed along River Road then took the turn-off to James Creek Road…..yep, the gravel one!!!

So finally here is some proof that I have taken the V-Strom off the bitumen and onto the gravel!!!   After the gravel ended I was back on South Bank Road out to Yamba road before heading along North Bank Road to go round my favourite corners before heading home.

There was a noticeable difference in the way the bike handled on the gravel today, and i’m pretty sure that is due to the rear tyre…..Previously the rear would move around a lot due to the fact that the centre of the tyre was virtually a slick, but since getting the new michelin fitted a few weeks ago, it handled much better.

There was some incredible scenery on the way home….the sunset was just fantastic and it was a shame that the onb0ard footage wasn’t able to catch that……I could have stopped and got it on my phone but was enjoying the ride too much…….

That’s it for today…

have a great friday tomorrow everyone,




~ by anthony on April 14, 2011.

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