WSBK, Commuting and Custom Bikes…..

World Superbike returned at Assen this past weekend, and Carlos Checa aboard the Althea Ducati took pole.  He lead from the beginning and finally finished third behind Biaggi and Rea aboard the Honda who took the win in race 1.

Race 2 saw a fight between Checa and Biaggi, before Checa came out on top, with Biaggi second once again and Rea took third.

Once again The Roman Emperor has taken the spotlight for all the wrong reasons and this time he decided to p!ss off his own team mate…..He still sits second in the championship and might need to let go of his former ugly ways and get on with winning another championship.

Today the weather wasn’t the best when I left home to head to the office, the rain fell for a while, but thankfully it was dry once I got near the back of Maclean, so I decided to turn off the highway and head out on the road to Lawrence and take the ferry.

And it was great.  The road was dry, and my newly found confidence in the bike has continued and off I went.  I’m not sure if its just a psychological feeling or not, but the last few weeks on the bike have been great.  I’ll admit that since owning the V-Strom there have been days when I feel like I’m riding like a complete spaz and nothing goes smoothly, but lately it’s been amazing.  The bike feels different and its just so much fun to ride.

Riding on corners that I’ve done many times before, suddenly feels like I’m riding them for the first time.

I was having a look tonight at the blog-list on the Midlife Motorcycle Madness Blog tonight and came across a lot that were really cool… checkout the list if you are interested in finding some new stuff to read……

Youtube has an abundance of motorcycle related videos as well…..whether its onboard footage, adventure rides or gear reviews…..its all there waiting for you.

And so finally today is a bike that I came across while browsing the Bike Exif website…..  this site is filled with the best of the best custom motorcycles and amazing two-wheeled finds from around the world.  And while there are sooooo many to choose from, there are a few that spoke to me tonight….

First up is a fully customised Ducati Sport 1000……..

Followed by the Darwin Motorcycles Brawler…….

And finally we have “Bladerod”, a 1998 Honda Fireblade streetfighter….

After looking at all three I’ve realised that they are all black, and all three are “mean” looking in their own way……I guess they all embody a style and attitude that speaks to me…

So thats it tonight, I hope that you enjoy the road this week, stay safe and have fun.




~ by anthony on April 19, 2011.

4 Responses to “WSBK, Commuting and Custom Bikes…..”

  1. Oh that Ducati Sport 1000 Anthony…..

    Tell you what mate, looking at that is infinitely more erotic than flipping through a copy of Penthouse 🙂

    Thanks for that and have a fabulous and safe Easter!

  2. Hi Geoff…..yep, the Duc is something pretty special! Glad you enjoyed it….and if you go to there are two more pics of it!! 🙂

    Hope you and your family have a great and safe easter too.

  3. I really like that Brawler

  4. Hey IC, yep the brawler is cool. I think the “more black less chrome” look makes it work too.

    and I love those wheels!

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