Satisfaction of a job well done……

There’s a sense of enjoyment that I often get from doing a job and being able to look at the result and be happy with it…

The first of those jobs that I did today was mowing the lawn…..It didn’t start well…….actually it was the mower that didn’t start at all…..and after over 30 minutes of trying to getting it to work I decided to goto option B and borrow one and got the job done.

The yard looks really good, and this weekend I also put into action another DIY project that I’ve been thinking about doing………..I’ve done a few previous posts about how I have my audio setup on the bike; first there was the tankbag with all the gear in it, then lately I’ve been wearing the hydration pack (minus the bladder) with the gear on my back………..but with these options there were some negatives.

The tankbag idea was great, everything was easily accessible, but because the tankbag wasn’t easily removed, everything had to be taken out anyway and put in my pockets if I was away from the bike, or taken out and locked in the topbox.

The small backpack idea was great too, the gear was secured inside the pack and my iPod could be accessed from a pouch on the outside if needed…..but I didn’t really like wearing the backpack.  With the scooter I used to wear a hard shell backpack to the office, and since riding the V-Strom, I have grown to like having nothing hanging off me when riding……..and also if I was going away from the bike (other than arriving at work) – the gear had to be stored somewhere if I didn’t want to carry it – so it would be locked in the topbox also…….Also if it rained I wasn’t sure how long the pack would stay dry inside…….My wet weather jacket fits over the top of it all, but it’s a bit uncomfortable…..

so all of this got me thinking…….I carry the gear in the topbox for some of the time, so why not mount it in there.  So when its time to ride, when its raining….whatever –  all I do is press play, shut the lid and off I go……..and so began the idea for the new project.

First step was to drill a hole in the base of the topbox to allow cables to be passed through.

Next I attached some rubber across the hole, (with a split in it to allow the cables to pass through, but keep water/dirt out).

It looks a bit rough in this shot….the glue hadn’t fully dried so the rubber was lifting a bit, but soon it was all good.  Next was to also seal it from the outside.

Once that was done I attached my audio splitter to the inside of the topbox – the reason for this was to allow it to stay connected to the output lead, and then if the attached devices (iPod, iPhone, GPS receiver etc) have to be removed, their cables are simply unplugged and they are then taken out.

The “Rockstar” splitter was cable tied to the side of the topbox and the headphone extension cable (black) jack end was then connected, while the rest of the black cable was fed back out, under the seat along the frame and the socket end positioned at the front end of the seat.

(sorry for the blurry shots today…..the display on the back of the camera isn’t working properly and I wasn’t able to check if the photos came out ok – I’m sure you get the idea though….)

Once this was done the rest of the connection is simple – take the green and black cables and plug in the iPod & iPhone and the GPS receiver, and everything is good to go.

The headphones are then connected to the socket on the black cable at the front of the seat…..and that is all that is connected to me.  Everything else is locked away.

If the topbox needs to be removed, all I have to do is disconnect the headphone extension cable from the splitter, pull it through the hole, tuck it under the seat and then remove the box.

Getting power to the iPod / iPhone is next – all I need to do is hook up a 12v socket and charger.

So there we go……Job completed, satisfaction achieved.  Next step, get on the bike and go for a ride!!!  I headed out this afternoon for a ride on some of my favourite roads between here and Maclean.  It was good fun…..and footage of it will be uploaded ready for another post soon…..

To finish up today is a video from of former Victoria’s Secret model and the current star of Harley Davidson’s USA advertising campaigns, Marisa Miller.  I came across a photo of her doing a burnout on her HD Nightster on the Motorcycle Paradise Facebook page, and in response to that I found the behind the scenes video of the photoshoot……….and here it is!

Have a great weekend, and a Happy & Safe Easter….




~ by anthony on April 23, 2011.

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