Journey to the Three Monkeys…..

No, I’m not talking about ¼ of a bad Bruce Willis film, nor is this the name of a new alcoholic beverage (….mental note: “Three Monkeys” will be a good name for my next batch of home brew….)

No I’m talking about a road trip to the Gold Coast to spend time with my boys;  Zachary, Toby and Alex.

I had a few stops along the way, the first one being about 20 minutes into the trip to take off my rain jacket – the sun was now out and I could feel myself starting to sweat.   Soon I was back on the road and enjoying the ride.

There weren’t many bikes around, but soon I came across a group of about 8 Suzuki Boulevard cruisers…..those things are huge.

I made another short stop at Woodburn to check my phone as I’d heard a text message come through along the way, then saw another group of bikes (all cruisers and large sport tourers – with trailers and lots of gear)

Soon I was close to Byron Bay and stopped to take a panoramic shot from the lookout….

Then it was soon time to get onto the motorway, and the music for today’s trip was great, and although it was all randomly chosen, most of it suited the trip perfectly…..when I reached the motorway I realised that some of the iPod’s music choices were affecting the way I was riding……Looking at the speedometer during AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” made me quickly roll off the throttle……

And so after a bit longer than expected, I arrived at Pacific Pines hoping to see Zachary play soccer, but due to the recent rain, soccer had been cancelled, despite the fact the sun was shining and it was turning out to be a great day..… next part of the plan was to head over to Surfers Paradise to the hotel and get ready for the kids to arrive.

So after checking out the room we headed out to get some snacks, then it rained again.  Soon it was time to head out as the confined space was making the kids restless…… we went over the road to the beach to join the hundreds of other people enjoying the late afternoon sun.

The boys had a ball playing in the sand and the water and it was great fun watching them.

Here is the view looking back towards the southern end of the coast…..

After the fun at the beach, the monkeys were soaked and covered in sand, so it was time to head back to the hotel for them to have a bath.  Then we poured a drink, grabbed some chips, and headed to the balcony to relax for a while……

Next morning we walked down to Cavill Mall to McDonalds for some breakfast, went for a walk around and then went to the park….. and later on it was time to say goodbye to the boys…..

It was a great weekend with you guys.……Daddy loves you!

Soon I headed off down the highway and when I reached Currumbin, I decided that I’d take a detour and head over the border via Tomewin Road.  Then after a stop in Murwillumbah I rode over the Burringbar Range before rejoining the motorway.

I don’t have any photos or video of the Tomewin/Burringbar sections of the ride as I didn’t want to stop – I was having too much fun.  If you are in that area go check them out as they are lots of fun.

There were heaps of bikes out today – Tomewin Road was filled as usual with sportbikes, and a few cruisers, heading mostly in the NSW to QLD direction.  I got overtaken over the double lines on a blind corner by a Ducati 1098s….that guy was flying!  

After he passed me and the two cars in front he disappeared and a while later I saw him parked out in front of the first pub in town when I arrived in Murwillumbah.

It was good to see plenty of V-Stroms out and about too.

And so I arrived back home about 4:30 sunday afternoon.  It was a great weekend with the kids, and a fun time out on the bike.

Hopefully you had a good weekend too,




~ by anthony on May 4, 2011.

4 Responses to “Journey to the Three Monkeys…..”

  1. Nice post and some excellent photos Anthony. Fine-looking boys too. The Gold Coast and Canberra are the only major places on the Eastern Seaboard I haven’t visited. What’s your total journey time on a good run?

    I had to smile about you not stopping for photos as you were having too much fun. I frequently set off with the intention of getting some blog material, get in the groove and simply can’t stop!



  2. Hi Geoff. Yes they are three very special little boys.

    Trip time for a good run to the Gold Coast from Yamba and back would be about 5 hours…….having said that, it’s worth the 200km trip to ride some cool roads too! I’ve done a few trips up and back in the one day and it can get pretty tiring. Having the overnight break was good this time.


  3. Sound like you had a great weekend. Love the pic of the beach with the rainbow in the clouds.

    What handsome boys you have!

    I call my daughter “Monkey” too 🙂

  4. Hi Fuzzy,

    yes it was a great weekend. We had lots of fun. The one photo I forgot to take was of the three boys on my bike……will have to remember that for next time.

    I think I got lucky with that rainbow shot….I was probably in between “Dad look at this”……”quick watch me”……and..”hey you threw sand in my face”……and I turned and saw the rainbow and got the photo, and it was gone soon after.

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