The V-Strom mixes it with the Big boys…..

Today I caught up with fellow Netrider member, Scott from Maclean, and another mate of his, Tony.

Both Scott and Tony ride bigger bikes than mine – Scott rides a blue Honda Blackbird, 1100cc – which sounds awesome, especially when it’s coming up behind you…and Tony rides a black Triumph Speed Triple 1050cc – which also sounds (and looks) amazing.   The V-Strom at 650cc did a great job moving along with the bigger bikes.

Scott and I had discussed the possibility of getting out for a ride for a while and were finally able to get together.

We kicked off at the BP in Maclean and from there headed out on the Lawrence road to Trenayr, then out to Copmanhurst, then on to Seelands.

The route looks like this…….

Our first stop, waiting for the Ferry before heading over to Lawrence, was interesting as there was a Highway Patrol officer there doing RBT on all the people waiting for the Ferry.  There were no issues and we were soon on our way.

And after getting out to Seelands, we decided to turn around and head back to Maclean, back over the way we had previously ridden, instead of going to Grafton and then back to Lawrence via the back road….and it was just as much fun going back the other way!

The total route was about 160km or so….and it was great fun.  There are some awesome sweeping corners out there, and the V-Strom got a great workout!

Here are the bikes (with Scott & Tony) when we took a break on the bridge….

There were a few wildlife sightings along the way, Skippy was out and about a few times making an appearance!

There was some fantastic scenery, great roads and it was great to be out on the road with some other riders.

Big thanks to Scott and Tony, and I hope that everyone who was out on the road today had a good ride too.




~ by anthony on May 7, 2011.

5 Responses to “The V-Strom mixes it with the Big boys…..”

  1. Great to see you out in good company Anthony – always good for sharpening the senses. Nice to see another Blackbird of the “correct” colour too – they still have a big place in my heart!

    Looks like perfect weather and light traffic too which is excellent. Weather’s been crap here for over a week!


    • Thanks Geoff, it was a great ride. The Blackbird looks awesome in blue. I wish I had got some photos of tony’s triple too, it looked fantastic!

      Weather was perfect….such a fun afternoon, great guys, awesome bikes, perfect weather and a cool road!

  2. Anthony, I don’t know whether your mate with the ‘bird is interested but I have digital copies of the parts and maintenance manuals plus heaps of technical info on setting suspension and much more besides. If he’s interested, it’s no trouble to burn a disk. If he is, get him to email me and I’ll post one over.

  3. Anthony – There is nothing like a ride with mates on a perfect day on a fun road, it was great to finally catch up, and as always a great write up of the day. Look forward to the next ride.

  4. Hey Scott, It was an awesome afternoon! Great to catch up with you too….Can’t wait for the next ride!

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