Tuesday’s two wheel news……..

Hi everyone,

This week so far has been a bit chilly out on the bike. Monday morning’s trip to Grafton was pretty cold!   My fingers were just about numb by the time I hit town (that was great when I had to try and grab the clutch and brake lever….)

I took the Lawrence  road and had some fun on the corners, and then about mid-morning I had to go back to the Maclean office, so I got to do it all over again!   Good stuff.

Today I pedalled to work as I’m at the tiny office by the sea…..

So what’s been happening in the world of two wheels?  

Well done to Casey Stoner on the weekend to take out the MotoGP race at Le Mans….a bit of a controversial weekend with Casey copping a big fine for punching Randy De Puniet during the warmup (and Randy was lucky that’s all he got…..)   –  With such huge closing speeds, you don’t do something as rediculous as what Randy did…….

And then Marco Simoncelli’s move on Dani Pedrosa took the Spaniard out, sending him crashing into the ground….and breaking his collarbone.  Hopefully (as the One HD commentators said) they can plate his injury, and he’ll be right for the next race…..yep welcome to the hardcore world of professional motorcycle racing…..if you brake a bone, just slap some metal on it, tighten up some screws….get on your bike……..eat some concrete……and HTFU!

Also well done to Valentino Rossi to get to the podium on the Ducati, a well deserved 3rd place – which for him and the team was as good as a win.

And so here’s this week’s cool bike discovery, and the boys from retro-mod specialists –  Sanctuary – have done it again…..And this awesome Kawasaki 1100 is just brilliant!

And finally here’s an inspiring video about Brittany Morrow (the road rash queen!) – many of you may know what happened to her back in 2005 when she came off the back of a bike at 120mph, and the only protective gear she was wearing was a helmet.   She’s a survivor, and here is her story….

Have a great week,




~ by anthony on May 17, 2011.

4 Responses to “Tuesday’s two wheel news……..”

  1. Anthony:
    Thanks for the Moto GP update – I’m so badly out of touch that I didn’t even know it had been run! Sounds like carnage. Good for Casey too. In the UK, most people seem to dislike him, God knows why. Maybe because he’s non-European. No such problems down this way!

    Thanks to for the Kawasaki – I could see it sitting in my garage!!!

  2. Hi Geoff,

    It’s a shame that Casey isn’t that well liked in the paddock, personally I think it’s because of his australian attitude and he likes to speak his mind and therefore hasn’t made a lot of friends….what I love about that is that he doesn’t do it in a way that makes him look like a tool, (like a particular Aprilia- riding world superbike champion…)

    Have a great day!

  3. I had seen the Kawasaki 1100, they did a beautiful job on it, better than the original 🙂
    Thanks for the video, amazing story, I can only imagine the pain.

    • Thanks for your comment George. I love those Sanctuary bikes…..the way they incorporate the classic elements with the modern styling is awesome.


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