A Ride to Wooli and flying KTMs

Hi Everyone,

hope the week is going great!

Yesterday I had to go to do an off-site audit for one of our clients and  decided that I would ride there – (instead of sitting in the car with the Boss for the 168km round trip!)

So it was an early (and chilly) start for the ride to Wooli.  I headed off a bit after 7:00am and really enjoyed the ride.   Sadly there were quite a few dead skippies littering the sides of the road…..and on the way back there was  a huge carpet snake streched across my lane…..luckily I was able to get around him.

The road was full of pot-holes since the recent flooding, but still a great ride.  I didn’t stop to take any pics, but here are some from my old blog from a ride there that I did on the Derbi…..

Today’s cool motorcycle discovery isn’t the newest cafe racer or the hottest streetfighter…..its a video of Dakar champion Marc Coma flying his KTM 450 Rally bike over the dunes of the middle east.    Marc has said that keeping both wheels on the ground is the main aim when competing in guelling races such as the Dakar, but in this video he teams up with Ronnie Renner for some KTM fun, in (and above) the sand!





~ by anthony on May 19, 2011.

2 Responses to “A Ride to Wooli and flying KTMs”

  1. Lovely roads Anthony – looks like plenty of grip. Your description of dead skippies and snakes merely reaffirms my view that the fauna and flora of Australia are out to kill human beings at the first opportunity!!!

    Have a great weekend mate – Jennie is off to Auckland tomorrow visiting our daughter so I have nearly 3 days of eating junk food and riding bikes – heaven!!!

  2. Hi Geoff,

    I am laughing at your description of our abundant wildlife…..there is a comedy duo here in Oz called “The Scared Weird Little Guys” who wrote a song about that…..and the chorus goes – “…Come To Australia, you might accidently get Killed!”

    You enjoy your weekend too mate, sounds like its going to be a good one! 🙂

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