Sexy Red & Black Italians…..

Late on Friday night I came up with a thought of going to Coffs Harbour on Saturday morning to check out North Coast V-Twins.

They are the mid-north coast Harley Davidson & Ducati specialists, and also operate a race team in the Australian Superbike Championship.

I’d seen their ads on TV and thought I’d go take a look, particularly at the Ducatis, and there was one model that I was particularly interested in.

So I woke up early and decided to head off into the cold about 7:00am for the trip south….it was a bit foggy in parts, but I really enjoy morning rides.  I stopped for fuel at Halfway creek, and continued on and arrived at the bike shop a bit before 9:00am.

And when I arrived I was greeted by a host of sexy red and black Italians, and some chromed up Americans…….oooh baby.

And so here are the pics……(they are taken from my iPhone, so the quality isn’t great and they haven’t been edited….but you’ll get the idea)

First up is an 1198s and some Hypermotards….

Here is the ultra-quick 1198s from another angle.

Next is the awesome Multistrada 1200.  I saw this one out on a test-ride as I was heading into Coffs.  The guy on it was really giving it a good run. The sound was unbelievable. 

Inside the showroom was this gorgeous piece of motorcycling excellence – the gob-smackingly sexy Desmocedici RR

And next to that was a second-hand Troy Bayliss signature edition 1098R – and although it was used, they still wanted $47,000 for it!!

Next up we have the retro-cool GT1000

And here is the only Harley shot I took – of course it had to be the V-Rod!

And last, but certainly not least, was the bike that I went to see…..Ducati’s newest offering…….. And the model on show was the Carbon black – featuring a host of lightweight carbon fibre bits….

This machine has the same 1198cc engine as the other models, and puts out a thumping 162bhp, and goes like a rocket.  There was a guy taking it for a test ride (he arrived on a green Triumph Speed Triple) and rode this bike like he stole it when he took off around the corner!!

The sound of it is incredible, the look is unbelievable……everything about this bike is just jaw-dropping…..and I’ll admit that seeing it up close, and then sitting on it made me feel…..”kinda funny, like when we used to climb the rope in gym class!”

I give you, the Diavel…..

And so after taking in all the beautiful bikes I went and grabbed a coffee and a muffin, then got back on the bike and headed north once more.  It was a great morning out! 

The V-strom rode great, but I’ll admit there were moments when I imagined myself riding back on the Diavel cruising down the highway, or carving up some corners!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!




~ by anthony on May 22, 2011.

8 Responses to “Sexy Red & Black Italians…..”

  1. Hey Ants

    cool post. That Diavel looks awesome – like Batman’s bike in Batman Returns…


    • Hey phil,

      It certainly is an awesome bike, next time I’m going to see if I can take it for a ride!


  2. Thanks for the Italian Stallions Anthony – plenty to drool over there but I’m just not sure about the Diavel as I’ve never seen one in the flesh. First impression is that it’s been hit with the ugly stick but often, those way-out machines look a lot better in the flesh.

    • Hi Geoff, I was a bit the same with the Diavel, I was really wanting to see if it lives up the hype, and I think it certainly does. Can’t wait to ride one!

  3. You should have gone next weekend they are having a ride day 🙂 Love that shop you can just stand there and drool all day.
    Did a Kawasaki ride day yesterday in Grafton, rode the new ZX-10R OMG that thing was fun, easy to ride and go above 7000rpm and it is a weapon. Also rode the Ninja 1000 and W800. The W800 has modern running gear with classic styling, I had so much fun riding it would be a great town bike.
    Sitting on the fence on the Diavel, don’t love it or hate, think I need to see it in the flesh.

    • Hey Scott, yeah they told me about the ride day when I got there. Riding the Kawasakis sounds awesome. I love the look of the W800. and i think you definitely have to experience the Diavel up close. Have a great week.

  4. Very striking looking machines. I like the GT1000, but I just can’t convince myself into owning an Italian vehicle ever again.

  5. Hi IC, seeing the GT1000 in the showroom was cool because it was surrounded by Harley’s, and as it has a totally different look it really stood out. I had to chuckle about Italian engineering when I read this post –

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